• August 3rd, 2020

Jumping from the frying pan into the fire

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Sport, Sports

So, the FIFA World Cup is finally over and it’s back to normal business for domestic football league assignments. Strangely, whilst almost all the football leagues around the globe are getting their ducks in the row for the new season – our domestic football league is still addling. Whilst yours truly is obliged by morals to applaud the Namibia Premier League (NPL) hierarchy for overseeing an almost flawless season, a pile of loopholes still hovering dangerously over the outdated structures of the country’s flagship football league require some patching. Charismatic newly elected Chairman of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) Patrick Kauta and his team must be complimented for ensuring the league finished without major hiccups whilst concluding the season with a healthy bank balance. However, the Tigers debacle will come back to haunt football authorities after the recently dethroned Namibian champions were given a raw deal following their no show for their opening league matches – citing insufficient timeframe for preparations ahead of the new hastily drawn-up league fixtures. “Ingwe” were found guilty without a fair trial or let alone afforded the opportunity to state their case. And while it might be sometimes right to punish the innocent - on reflection, this was simply a scenario of punishing the innocent just to satisfy the wishes of the majority of those who believed Tigers transgressed the rules, obviously punctuated by the democratic fallacy. If one thing is allowed to happen unchallenged then this will inevitably trigger a chain of subsequent undesirable events – just as you knock over one domino, this will topple the next and so on. I repeat for the umpteenth time, until such time the league appoints a competent Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) our football will remain a delicacy for stray dog. European Hypocrisy It’s quite interesting hearing Germans attacking each other regarding midfielder Mesut Ozil, coming out with guns blazing, blasting the German Football Federation, and the merciless media, for the brutal manner in which they angrily reacted or rather interpreted his role/affection towards the Turkish president. The latter is obviously not in the good books of German authorities. Ozil, a German national of Turkish descent, has represented his native land Deutschland. He played a vital role when Die Mannschaft won the FIFA World Cup in 2014 on foreign soil. He bluntly accuses the trigger-happy German media and the country’s football authorities of racism, REALLY? Advocating one thing, but doing another boils down to hypocrisy – that’s the charge levelled against those who don’t practise what they preach. Hypocrisy in part reveals the hypocrite’s inconsistent beliefs while their expressed views are at odds with the implicit beliefs demonstrated by their behaviour. Hypocrites have developed a nasty habit of telling people how they ought to behave whilst conveniently exempting themselves from the general principles they are peddling. What really pisses me off is the dominant view amongst the “Jerries’ that Ozil was the main cause behind Germany’s shock elimination in the just ended FIFA World Cup finals in Russia. The “Jerries” are even questioning his loyalty towards the country of his birth – notwithstanding the fact that he played a pivotal role when Die Mannschaft won the World Cup – only to turn from hero to villain, four years down the line. I rest my case.
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2018-07-27 10:05:08 | 2 years ago

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