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Jussi’s full body of work released today

2021-08-20  Staff Reporter

Jussi’s full body of work released today

Stefanus Nambara

NKURENKURU - After months of leaving music fanatics in the two Kavango regions yearning for more of his music, especially after the release of a promo video a few months back for his song ‘Kadira kalire tate’, Mikael Lazarus, better known as ‘Jussi’, has finally released a full album.

The album released today is the Kavango West-based artist’s first album. It contains 11 tracks and is titled ‘Hepwere’, a song in which he sings about the struggles of being poor. “I feel proud of myself for being able to reach a level of releasing an album which is carrying a good message that I know will have an impact on our society. I’m happy for having a chance to give to the world what I have got,” Jussi expressed.

The track, ‘Kadira kalire tate’, which has gotten many talking and some even shedding tears due to its deep, life-inspired lyrics, is also included in the much-anticipated album. It is an emotional song in which he sings about inheritance and difficult times that children had to endure at the hands of some family members after their parents pass on. A full music video of the song was released on YouTube at the end of last month and has already been viewed more than 14 000 times, and has been receiving countless positive comments from viewers. 

The upcoming musician has so far released two music videos. Known for his lyrics that convey a message of happenings in society, Jussi said he wants to make a positive impact through his music, as he believes it is a strong communication tool through which he can achieve that.

“With music, I’m not just doing it for fun, I just believe I’ll see the impact that I’ll make in the world. I want to do it through music. ”The album only has two collaborations by Jazz and 2Bu, who is also the owner of Sihafereni Records, a record label to which he is signed.

Jussi, however, indicated that he is open to more collaborations in future projects. “We are open to it because we also want to learn from different people. So anyone who’s willing, yes, we can feature them.”


2021-08-20  Staff Reporter

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