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Justice minister passes on the vibe

2021-10-18  Paheja Siririka

Justice minister passes on the vibe
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The top-trending clip making rounds on social media is of justice minister Yvonne Dausab in a dance-off with performer Cassie Jessica at the Jan Möhr Secondary School.

Dausab was there to deliver the keynote address on bullying and self-worth, a theme created for the school’s talk show.

The minister was called to give her speech right after Cassie Jessica entertained the audience. 

Dausab ascended the stage, and requested the disc jockey to replay a song called ‘Pass On Die Vibe’.

“Where is Cassie Jessica, so that I can pass on the vibe?” asked Dausab, after which Cassie Jessica joined the minister on stage for a mini dance challenge. 

The minister wowed the crowd with a five-second dance in which she was shuffling her feet real quick while swinging her arms, then “kicked” the “vibe” back to Cassie Jessica.

This created an electrifying hype in the hall, as everyone then stood up and joined the minister in dance. 

This is an indication that the honourable has the potential to tap into the creative industry if her day job is not for her anymore.

The clip was widely shared on various media platforms, and it was viewed more than 2 000 times within a short time, with many appreciating this not-so-serious side of her they have never seen.

“I just love our justice minister; she is so well educated, and she set the bar high. Just love,” posted Fab Lane.

Mee Ndilinawa said: “This is beautiful to watch.”

More comments followed, with people saying they cannot stop watching the clip, that they find her energetic and lively – and that they love her vibe. 

One person said: “When there is happiness, you forget the profession”.


2021-10-18  Paheja Siririka

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