• November 29th, 2020

Kaboy Kamakili accuses Mshasho of neglecting his work

 Aletta Shikololo

One of the emerging artists in the country, Kaboy Kamakili, who is signed under the Mshasho production, accused the record label of contributing little to his brand.
Kaboy Kamakili, real name Leonard Makili, rose to stardom when videos of him singing went viral on social media, which landed him a deal from the multi-award-winning artist, King Tee Dee. The kwaito artist signed a two-year agreement last year, which is said to end next year August.
Kamakili, who seems to have little understanding of the music industry, said he feels like a stepchild in the production.
‘’I thought he would be doing everything for me, including monetary support for the albums and groom me as an upcoming artist, but I haven’t spoken to him in a long time,’’ complained the Kwaito artist, adding that in his recent album ‘Zama boy’, King Tee Dee only paid for few songs. Kamakili also revealed his upcoming album ‘The power of me’, which will be released late this year, is done independently by him.
‘’People questioned why I haven’t worn any Mshasho merch in my recent music video but they don’t understand what happens behind closed doors,’’ he said.
Kamakili further accused King Tee Dee of stealing some of his shows, saying when he gets booked to perform at events, he refers the organisers to King Tee Dee, only to find the ‘One I love’ hitmaker on the poster.
He said, ‘’When I found out about that, I also stopped giving him the 40% of the money I get at shows, which caused a lot of tension between us,’’ he explained.
The kwaito rising star refused to mention the shows that were taken by King Tee Dee, saying ‘’I do not want to further comment on that,’’ he ended.
In the past years, artists, including Young T and Chester, left the label.
Entertainment Now! tried to reach King Tee Dee for comment but to no avail. 
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

Aletta Shikololo
2020-04-24 10:12:33 | 7 months ago


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