• April 25th, 2019
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Kahungu turns to help bereaved Havana resident


Selma Ikela Windhoek-The City of Windhoek’s deputy mayor, Fransina Kahungu, yesterday bought irons sheets and poles to give to a Havana resident in Windhoek whose home burned down last month, in the fire in which she lost two of her three children. The building materials were to help 31-year-old Magdalena Akwenye rebuild a semblance of a new home after the tragic incident in which she lost her five- and seven-year-old daughters. The seven-year-old girl, who normally resided in the North, was visiting her mother during the August school holidays. Her lastborn is a 19-month-old boy, who also resides in the northern regions of the country. Akwenye is self-employed and sells cooked food to labourers in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial area. She says she does not know what caused the fire, as she does not use matches or candles at home. She recalls that on the day her home burned down, she had in the morning left prepared food for her daughters before going to work, as is her custom. Akwenye told New Era that she recalls having switched off the gas stove before she left for work. She lost everything in the blaze. Akwenye is currently accommodated at her cousin’s home as she feels it is too early to go back to what used to be her home, now reduced to a pile of ashes. Kahungu yesterday donated 38 iron sheets, 11 poles and other building materials for Akwenye to rebuild her home. Kahungu stepped in when the branch coordinator for Peter Nanyemba district, David Kamati, approached her for assistance. Kamati and the district coordinator, Nestor Kalola, had also received donations from community members that they have since given to Akwenye. “As leaders we have that responsibility when one’s condition is not good. You step in to help and we all should help each other” according to our means, said Kahungu, who also asked Akwenye to accept what has happened – although it is difficult. She told her to thank God for the days she had spent with her daughters. Akwenye said the shack would only be rebuilt in two weeks’ time. She thanked the deputy mayor for her assistance and asked her to continue assisting others.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-21 09:26:38 1 years ago

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