• July 18th, 2019
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Kamanjab embarks on food-for-work programme

Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab Kamanjab yesterday launched a clean-up campaign involving the community through a food-for-work programme, which has already recruited 60 participants. “We cannot sit back while maize meal is available. I am so delighted by this initiative and I am proud to be part of the food-for-work programme,” said 59-year-old Annamarie Xoagus, who is one of the 60 people taking part in the food-for-work programme at Kamanjab. The food-for-work programme commenced yesterday at the north-western town. This programme entails de-bushing as well as picking up litter. According to Kamanjab constituency councillor, Angenesia Tjaritje-Ensigue, the food-for-work programme targets households where no one is employed. “All of these people are coming from households where everybody is unemployed. Either it’s pregnant women, those who retired long ago and the unemployed youths who are taking part in this programme,” Tjaritje-Ensigue told New Era yesterday. Pregnant women do not do de-bushing, instead they are given light work to do such as picking up litter or pulling away branches that have been cut. Tjaritje-Ensigue said Kamanjab people are just assisting the government and want to be part of the Harambee Prosperity Plan. “We want a healthy and safe environment for our children thus we started this project under the Kunene Regional Council. We also want to create safe space for those who go to the police station by de-bushing trees in the way,” Tjaritje-Ensigue said. The path used from the location to the police station, which is situated in town, is full of bushes and unlit. The Kamanjab constituency councillor said it pains her to see her town dirty and she said this initiative must not be seen as belonging to her office but to the wider village; the various line ministries, private sector and individuals are also called upon to contribute. Unemployed father of two, Theophelius Linyando Dacosta (33), said this project was nice for people like him who have nothing to do. “Instead of sitting at home doing nothing at least we have something to do,” he said. Felicita /Naris (41), a mother of five who ekes out a living selling bottles, said the food-for-work programme is a great initiative. “This is a great initiative. Life is hard for some of us and working for food is a blessing,” /Naris said. She said if the participants had been paid N$450 instead of food it would have been little. The programme participants will receive four 10 kilograms of Top Score maize meal, six bottles of 750ml cooking oil, four tins of beans and eight 750ml fish tins. The food-for-work programme will last for a month and participants will work from Monday to Thursday. The work commences at 07h00 and ends at 15h00 with a lunch break, over which the participants go home. The constituency office and the participants of the food-for-work programme have signed a contract. Kamanjab constituency staff member, Theresia Basson, helps out with the attendance register while Tjaritje-Ensigue works with the participants de-bushing the village. Kamanjab Village Council is assisting with trucks.
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2017-08-25 10:16:26 1 years ago

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