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Kamasutra returns to the music scene

2020-10-02  Aletta Shikololo

Kamasutra returns to the music scene
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 Aletta Shikololo

‘Lovey wange’ and ‘Ten push ups’ are songs we all know the words to, we have sung and danced along to them on more than one occasion —But have you ever wondered where the hitmaker for these songs is?
Well! Entertainment Now! caught up with the popular dancehall/reggae artist, Kamasutra who took us through the journey of how things used to be in the music fraternity and what he has been up to.
“Even though I have kind of disappeared from the spotlight, music is still my first love and I never really stopped writing songs,” said Kamasutra who has been on a music hiatus for eight years after releasing his album ‘Concrete freestyle’.
Real name, Conrad Kamari, Kamasutra has always defined his style of music as youthful, and at the same time signifying deep meaning.
He joined the music scene in 2008 with the likes of JP and Chipolopolo and has worked with household names such as King Tee Dee, Sunny boy, Tesh, and many others.
The self-proclaimed inborn singer reminisced the good old days as ‘nostalgic’.
“Maybe things are different now but back in our days, musicians were treated like the celebrities they are. It never matters which kind of artist you are, if we perform at concerts or get booked for gigs, we would get paid what we deserve,” recalled Kamasutra, adding that a lot of current talents are settling for less.
Asked about the highest amount he has ever made, Kamasutra estimated it to be around N$80 000 when he used to perform in South Africa.
With the experience that he has in the music scene, Kamasutra gave the dos and don’ts in the music industry.

-Invest your money on things that matter
- Observe excellence
- Set up your music business properly and always get paid for your work
- Don’t bite a hand that feeds you

-Do not just take advice from anyone
- Do not settle for less
- Don’t get defensive. Learn to take constructive criticism.
- Don’t lose your ambition

Why he went on a music break
After taking some time off to focus on his businesses and other commitments, the father of three said “I took a break to focus more on my family, readjust and just give a chance to the new school artists to show me what they got.”

What to expect from him
While some of many local singers have withdrawn from stardom and the music industry to pursue other callings and some made a U-turn later, Kamasutra revealed to Entertainment Now! that he is planning to come back early next year.
“I have been busy working on new music projects and I will be releasing a new single in December titled ‘Land of the brave’ featuring renowned artists in the country,” promised Kamasutra who also announced that he has 60 unreleased songs.
Reacting to a question on how he intends to break into the competitive music industry, Kamasutra said, ‘‘my music will always speak for me.”

2020-10-02  Aletta Shikololo

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