• April 25th, 2019
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Kandorozu wants diverse members into Nudo


Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek-National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) presidential hopeful, Vetaruhe Kandorozu is eyeing to attract a completely new membership segment to Nudo, in a bid to create a multi-tribal and national party whose base is not rooted in one tribe. In an interview with New Era last week Kandorozu was unapologetic in that the base of the party thus far has been mainly comprised only of the Otjiherero speakers, something that has not endeared the party to the rest of the Namibian voters. Therefore his quest, as he bid to contest the party’s presidential position, is to transform the party’s membership into one that comprises of a diverse electorate. He is hoping that this would strengthen the party’s in the national elections in 2019. Kandorozu who is the party’s current deputy secretary general and the Okakarara Councillor since 2005 said the biggest challenge is that there are conservative party members in the party that feels that the status quo should remain while the liberal members of which he is party of feel that it should change. “We will be traveling to all fourteen regions of the country so that we can invite new members, recruit them, accommodate them on the party structure so that by the time the next congress comes, their membership will be five years old and they can take executive position within the party,” said Kandorozu who has been on a campaign trail in various regions. Kandorozu said next year the party will be re-structuring the party branches which will be a good opportunity for the party to attract all tribes across the country. “Our level of reasoning is to move away from being a one tribe party to a multiple one that’s why you see in our slate we got Deputy National Treasurer, Gretchen Boois so that when we go to the south we have someone who can speak the language,” he added. He said all political parties were formed along tribal lines and Nudo is no exception and his slate is ready to include all, once elected to the positions. Kandorozu slate includes, Professor Jekura Kavari as Deputy President, Vehonga Kaijere as National Treasure, Gretchen Boois as Deputy National Treasurer, Meundju Jahanika as Secretary General, Lesley Kauandara Deputy Secretary General, Likuis Mupya and Ndankie Hangero as National Chairperson and Deputy National Chairperson. He is competing with Utjiua Muinjangue for the party top position. Muinjangue is the Ovaherero and Nama Genocide Committee spokesperson. The congress is set for May 25 -27 this year.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-25 09:25:13 1 years ago

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