• July 22nd, 2019
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Kankoshi urges teachers to refocus

Editorial, Oshikoto
Editorial, Oshikoto

Obrein Simasiku Oshivelo-Normally at the beginning of the year teachers handle large amounts of paper work, class activities, new learners and other tasks, hence the governor for Oshikoto region, Henock Kankoshi, implored teachers to refuel and revitalise as it is a key component to attaining great results. “The more you spend time as an educator, the more you realise how hard and important the job becomes, and hence teaching and caring for children with such diverse needs is tasking and requires multi skills. “Therefore, reflect on the previous year to review the challenges and how they can be corrected during this academic year,” Kankoshi stated. Furthermore, he said, education is a process of teaching and learning, which requires concerted effort from all stakeholders. “I want to emphasise that all stakeholders should sacrifice their time and energy to ensure that the system is fed with the best ingredients,” Kankoshi added while applauding the Uukumwe combined school, which scored an 84 percent pass rate during the 2017 Junior Secondary Certificate examination. Kankoshi was addressing learners, teachers and parents at Oshivelo where he reminded them that learning was a personal experience, which one needed to discover and could only be discovered through diligent teaching skills. In addition, he advised teachers to address the issue of short attention spans, which created boredom and hence lack of concentration. “Let us teach our learners and instil a message in their mind that we live in a global village, for them to know that Namibia is not an island but part of the global village. “It is pertinent for them to understand that the world is an interconnected village driven and affected by simple social, political and economic factors. So, once they know this, they will definitely say no to issues such as xenophobia,” Kankoshi added.
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2018-01-11 09:18:20 1 years ago

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