• July 11th, 2020

Kapana In Town at your doorstep

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Walking towards the different food stalls at the Wernhil Shopping Mall taxi rank, something different is noticeable about one stall. Once closer, the smell of one of the best delicacies in Namibia becomes obvious at stall number B2 and B3, belonging to Kapana In Town. As the Entertainment Now! team moves closer, founder Efraim Shivute quickly attends to the crew for an interview. 

What prompted Shivute to establish Kapana In Town was that along with his brother, they are students and they are renting. 

“No one pays for our rent; nobody pays for our tuition fees because we don’t have loans. Our mother, who used to do that is unable to anymore due to financial constraints,” elaborated Shivute. 
“That’s why I got this friend of mine to assist financially in setting up Kapana In Town,” said Shivute, pointing at Fikameni Epafras sitting next to him. 

Epafras, in agreement, said Shivute brought up the idea to him and he also saw the need for Kapana In Town. “We realised that people who are stationed in town have to travel elsewhere for kapana and we saw the niche and brought it (kapana) a little closer,” said Epafras.

According to Shivute, Kapana In Town has been operating for three months now. “I was basically walking through these stalls here and I noticed they were empty,” said Shivute. “Because we are business-minded, my friends and I asked ourselves what we can put here, considering the fact that the economy is not so good which means we have to find other means of making extra money,” explained Shivute. 

What makes Kapana In Town special and unique, according to Shivute, is the extra services they provide, starting with the delivery service to potential kapana lovers. 

“This approach has helped us a lot. One day while delivering a huge kapana order at one of the banks in town, we ran into Gazza (Lazarus Shiimi), who immediately wanted to find out how he can help to push our business after finding out what we are all about and he didn’t know there was kapana in town. So, he does a little bit of marketing for us,” said the ever grateful Shivute. 

Asked how different Kapana In Town is from any other kapana sellers out there Shivute explained: “The normal meat in a takeaway pack with free salsa and a special sauce with secret ingredients that we make is what makes us unforgettable.” 
“Our salsa is special because we have a grinder, we don’t use our hands for hygiene purposes,” boasted Shivute. Another speciality about Kapana In Town is the friendly set-up they have, “You can bring your friends, have kapana and fat cake. It’s a social setup, enjoyable to everyone,” said Shivute. 

In terms of delivery, around town it is free but to the suburbs, the one ordering gets to pay the taxi fare. On taking ideas not originally theirs when it comes to kapana in general, Shivute said it is not stealing. “If I have to buy a taxi right now, I don’t need permission from any taxi driver to start offering transport services”. “It’s just business, you have to be strategic,” said Shivute.

“Kapana In Town currently employs nine people, including Shivute  three ladies and six guys. Deliveries can be hectic and that requires extra hands, cutting meat for the waiting people needs more hands. Taking orders is another process that requires special attention, making the vetcakes, salsa and many other things all require manpower,” said Shivute.
While there, Entertainment Now! managed to talk to some customers to ask what they think of Kapana In Town.
Shaanika Elago (25) feels Kapana In Town’s meat is small or less compared to other places but he says it is juicy and tasty. “It’s very nice and delicious. Perfect for lunch with a friend or two,” he added. 

Another kapana lover that came to have a takeaway with a friend was Benedict Shikela, who found out about Kapana In Town via Twitter and Instagram. 

“This is my fourth time having it. I am not based in Windhoek. I came from the north for graduation. I love the first come, first served approach they use and the price range that exists to suit people’s different pockets,” he said. 
“I came because of the love and taste for kapana. The place is attractive and nice. I am particularly impressed with the service which is up to standard,” said Titus Isaskar, another customer.

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