• July 14th, 2020

Kasi Vibe Festival Volume 6 attracts thousands

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - The much-touted Kasi Vibe Festival hosted its sixth volume last weekend, which attracted at least 12 000 visitors over the three-day jamboree. 
Kasi Vibe volume five attracted 9 000 visitors over three days. 

This edition of the Kasi Vibe had diverse changes in terms of the inclusion of many small and medium enterprises (SMEs). What made this edition extra special were the ten stalls that were given away at no cost to innovative SMEs, which is the main thrust of the festival.

“We had 35 food stalls and 30 beverage stalls, 60 services, and product stalls,” said event organiser, Salmi Shigwedha. “Nobody was left out, we also had tea testers and nail technicians’ stalls,” she further explained.
The Kasi Vibe Festival remains a podium of choice for upcoming entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, thus giving the initiative utmost determination to push forward. Held at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, the festival was unique as it had three entrances.

“We had three entrances to control the flow of people and that was really helpful. It was a smooth operation from the gates as we had the support of the Namibian and City Police to maintain order. Because of that, there weren’t crime cases reported inside the premises, however, we were made aware of two girls who were fighting over a guy at the festival, like really now,” said Shigwedha hysterically.

It has become a highly expected family event where children under the age of 12 enter for free and that attracts people of all ages who flock to the food and drink stalls, take part in recreational activities and enjoy the vast presence of local products and services.

Food and beverage stalls were on one side, far from clothes and other accessories stalls. Services and product stalls were also placed separately. The stage was in the centre, which is ideal for such an event.
The organisers of the event said it has grown tremendously since it started in 2017. “This was the smoothest festival we have ever hosted and we can conclude by saying that in itself is the biggest achievement of the festival - it continues to grow,” pointed out Shigwedha.

Shigwedha revealed to Entertainment Now! that the festival will change. “We strive to be consistent with hosting the show by hosting it three times in a year but as of 2020, we will be hosting it four times,  three times in the capital and once outside Windhoek. That’s how much the festival has grown,” she said.
Shigwedha pointed out that Volume 7 will be held from October 4 to 6, 2019. “Applications will be open from June 24; communication will be done via social media platforms,” she said. “Again we will be giving away ten free stalls for products and services, strictly to innovative ideas be it products or services,” she concluded.

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