• August 13th, 2020

'Kaskas' slapped with 2 life terms

Maria Amakali

A 32-year-old man, who admitted to killing two people within 24 hours at a farm in the Rehoboth district nearly a year ago, was handed two life sentences in the Windhoek High Court yesterday.  
“In less than 24 hours, the accused deprived two people of their precious right; the right to life. I now impose a sentence that will not only deter the accused but would also deter would be offenders from committing similar offences,” said judge Orben Sibeya while sentencing Lukas ‘Kaskas’ Kashonga. Kashonga was also sentenced to one-year imprisonment on a count of housebreaking. 

Handing down judgement, the court considered that Kashonga is a middle-aged man who pleaded guilty to the charges and has expressed remorse for his actions. Furthermore, the court considered the time of one year he has spent in police custody. Despite that, the court found that his personal circumstances have been outweighed by the administration of justice. 
Kashonga admitted guilt to all charges last week when his trial began and was convicted on that admission. He admitted that he killed his friend and fellow farmworker Hendrik Beukes (51) at the farm Nagubib in the Rehoboth district on 24 May last year.  In his plea explanation, he informed the court that he killed Beukes by repeatedly hitting his head with a rock. 
He explained that he and Beukes had been drinking together on the date in question. Beukes allegedly went to buy more alcohol with Kashonga’s money but he failed to return the change. Upon enquiry, Beukes started hurling insults at him, which ignited an argument between them. 
During this argument, Kashonga allegedly pushed Beukes to the ground, picked up a rock and started hitting Beukes with it on the head. Since he was allegedly stressed about what transpired between him and Beukes, he broke into a caravan at the farm and stole tobacco and a box of matches. 
The following day, he admitted to committing the second murder by stabbing Daniella Swartbooi (20) from a nearby farm with a knife. It was his testimony that he met up with Swartbooi and while they were walking together, he enquired about the money that he had loaned her. However, Swartbooi disputed that he had loaned her money, leading to the argument. She allegedly fled from him. Kashonga ran after her and stabbed her with a knife on the left side of the chest.

Maria Amakali
2020-07-17 08:09:05 | 26 days ago

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