• April 25th, 2019
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Kavango artists get a new home


Jeremiah Ndjoze The launch of the Home of The Arts (HOTA) organisation for artists and likeminded folks, particularly in the two regions of Kavango, heralds the dawn of a new era as far as the mainstreaming of arts in the two regions is concerned. For decades, the two regions have been the prime breeding grounds of artists, particularly in the fields of wood carving, basket weaving, pottery, drumming and music – to mention a few. But due to the regions’ remoteness to the central high grounds, and Windhoek, not much is known about these artists, despite their products featuring prominently in craft shops across the country. But Nanyemba Katamba is set to change this. As executive director, charged with running HOTA. It was officially registered as a section 21 company last December. The goals are to see arts and the cultural industry flourishing, and money flowing in not only to artists but all entities linked to the sale of the artworks – and poverty done away with a much bigger scale. “We intend to serve as a one-stop centre, which focusses on the value chain where aspiring artists will learn and be mentored to create, and market their art products and services,” Katamba envisions. He further reveals the organisation aims to be of service to out-of-school and unemployed youth; learners and school teachers; young and old wannabe artists, domestic and international tourists, as well as the broader public in terms of art consumption. Maria Heita chair the board with Hilde Katamba as the secretary. Other members, is Katamba, John Kalunda, Alfeus Mvula, Karl Naimwaka and Regina Mukuta. The organisation is currently preparing a proposal for submission to the United States (US) Embassy Cultural Preservation Fund. If successful the funds will be used for a project for the preservation of traditional musical instruments. Training will also be given for the manufacturing and handling of such instruments.
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2018-02-23 11:30:58 1 years ago

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