• April 25th, 2019
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Kavango East postpones State of Region Address

Kavango East
Kavango East

John Muyamba Rundu – Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo has postponed his State of the Region Address that was scheduled for today due to the delay in acquiring input from the regional council. “The State of the Region Address, which was scheduled for 16 May, has been postponed to 29 May,” Mbambo, who is an ordained priest, said in an official communication to stakeholders. Governor Mbambo when asked why the regional address was postponed explained he was awaiting input from the regional council. “Yes, it has been postponed as my office is still waiting for details from the chief regional officer Ludwig Thikusho,” he said. New Era further tried to get hold of the CRO to get comment from him but he could not be reached on his mobile or through his secretary as he was apparently locked in meetings. Article 110B (6) of the Namibian Constitution places the governor under the obligation to annually address the regional council and the community on the state of the region, planned activities of the central government in the region and report on the previous year’s activities of the central government in the region. The address is aimed at reflecting on matters pertaining to economic advancement, infrastructure development, social progression and human capital development of the people of Kavango East. The governor’s office is primarily entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that programmes and projects in the region are fully implemented in line with the plans and budgetary provisions of different government offices, directorates and agencies through effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. The governor is also expected to periodically report on the implementation of these programmes and projects to the head of state, as well as to the leadership and community of the region.
New Era Reporter
2018-05-16 09:29:51 11 months ago

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