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Kavango West council engages communities

2022-07-15  John Muyamba

Kavango West council engages communities

BUNYA - The Kavango West Regional Council and the governor are touring the region’s eight constituencies in an effort to inform inhabitants of their
mandate as a local government.

The tour will also provide a platform for discussions to identify the needs of the residents.

The exercise, which started on Monday, will continue until next week Thursday.

This is the first time since the creation of the region in 2013, that the visitation programme was held.

“Government is saying we should take service closer to citizens and this consultation is thus crucial in the governing process henceforth the need for such an engagement, as a council, we have resolved to rededicate our focus to effective service delivery, of which a major requirement is the need to get community first-hand information and further strategize on delivery,’’ said Joseph Sivaku Sikongo, the chairperson of the Kavango West Council.

The programme started in Kapako constituency on Monday, were the council engaged constituents at Bunya village, on Tuesday they held another meeting at
Rupara in Musese constituency, Wednesday met residents of Nkurenkuru constituency at the town’s community hall.

On Thursday, they were in Mpungu village and today they will be at Katwitwi settlement.

On Monday, the delegation will be in Tondoro constituency at Mangetti NIDA facility, on Tuesday they will visit Katji-naKatji village in Mankupi constituency and on Wednesday, they will be at Mbeyo village in Ncamagoro.

The team will conclude the visitations with Hamweyi village in Ncuncuni constituency on Thursday.

Kapako councillor Johannes Karondo on Monday said the visitation programme would enlighten the operations of the regional council for inhabitants to get a clear picture on how developmental decisions are made.

The visits will also gather input from communities to include in the regional council’s planning. 

“Some people think the constituency operates on its own, but it’s part of the regional council, developmental decisions are influenced not only at council level but all constituency leaderships play a part because we make decisions at the regional council together as a council,’’ he said.

“If you see development in Kapako or in any other constituency in Kavango West, you should know that all councillors have played a role in it. It’s not only your councillor alone, and through planning of the regional council, services are delivered accordingly and as resources become available from constituency to constituency,’’ Karondo noted.

The delegation comprises of all regional councillors, the governor, regional council management and heads of division to mention a few.

These meetings aim to address the needs of residents although not all functions are delegated to the council, the delegation will redirect those queries to the right offices.

2022-07-15  John Muyamba

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