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Kaxuxwena advises Namibian women…claims boyfriends are playing them dirty

2021-03-24  Staff Reporter

Kaxuxwena advises Namibian women…claims boyfriends are playing them dirty
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Meriam Kaxuxwena is one of the country’s ultimate beauty queens in the limelight. Having participated in many beauty pageants since she was ten years old, she has managed to build a successful career and it comes as no surprise to anyone to see her grow into the limelight and pave her way to fame and fortune. 

The model recently took to social media, in an Instagram story that has since been deleted, to advise Namibian women who choose to give their followers a glimpse of their mystery boyfriends on social media but decide not to show their faces.

It has become a norm for social media users who are head over heels in love and prefer to keep their relationships private to only flaunt their boyfriend’s hands and watch when they appreciate their love, leaving fans guessing on who their mysterious boyfriend might be. But Meriam claims to know some of the boyfriends.

In an Insta story, Meriam, who is often not afraid to speak her mind even when it means offending people, said she feels sorry for the women because their boyfriends are playing them dirty. 

“I feel sorry for the girls in Nam that post their men’s hands and watch. Sweetheart, those little mickey mouse are my baby girls, boys, u fooling urself. In Africa, they share men u can get a car from him,” she wrote.

Meriam and Dillish Mathews often agitate or leave their followers in stitches with their content on social media. Although it seems they are not on speaking terms, they both slay in their respective careers.

Dillish caused quite a stir on social media last year after advising women. In a series of Instagram stories, the socialite warned ladies that men are good at playing them dirty during festive seasons and said they must always be aware of their activities.

“Listen here ladies, we all know it’s December now, and you know how other guys do us. They say they are going to the carwash on Saturday morning then they only come on Tuesday. I have many friends whose boyfriends went to the car wash last December – until now, they are not home. If you are in a relationship, this is the time where your partner always shows their true colours, so I just wanna tell you to wake up,” she said

Her advice received mixed reactions on social media and those who were not happy with it dragged her.

2021-03-24  Staff Reporter

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