• September 15th, 2019
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Keetmanshoop hosts gala to promote upcoming expo

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHHOP- The Executive Committee for the Keetmanshoop Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo recently held a gala dinner to raise funds for their upcoming expo.

Speaking at the event, Hilma Nicanor, the Regional Councillor for Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency in the //Kharas Region said this event was taking place  at a time Namibia’s local scope of trade and investment has not reached its full potential.
 In addition, she emphasized, “the Keetmanshoop Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo should allow for an expanded business partnership to fully optimize the investment and economical potential that exist in the region, the country and in the Sadc Region at large.”

The councillor encouraged “Namibian tourism agencies and businesses to intensify their promotional activities in the country”, considering the fact, Namibia was recently reclassified as one of the top tourism destinations in Asia. 
Citing wealth creation and economic growth as the basis for job creation and poverty eradication, Nicanor identified one of the critical challenges facing //Kharas being to overcome constraints to these socio-economic factors. 

“For this reason, it is imperative that as a region we must promote productivity and competitiveness as critical elements in wealth creation and economic growth,” she said.  

She furthermore expressed her gratitude towards the fact that the envisaged Keetmanshoop Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo will make provision for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order for them to make optimum use of this opportunity as they (SMEs) also contribute towards alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment in Namibia.

“Allow me at this juncture to invite all businesses within our region to join hands with the Show Society to make it a success,” said Nicanor. 

She was also of the opinion one should not exclude those businesses that are able and willing to take part in the economic growth of the country. The councillor in addition advised that in order for the nation to overcome the struggle for economic emancipation “we need to make the necessary concerted efforts including participation of women and youth businesses.”
According to the councillor, it makes a lot of sense for the Show Society to incorporate the tourism sector within the expo from this year as this region has a lot of tourist attractions with largely untapped potential. 

“In addition to that, it is critical the fishing sector becomes visible in the activities of the Show Society as an important economic sector in our country to help address the food security in our region,” Nicanor explained. She applauded the Show Society for giving the Keetmanshoop showgrounds a new facelift and furthermore erecting a sports field for motor race lovers to come and watch motor racing and spins when taking place.

 “It should be noted that the Show Society is a non-profitable organization which relies mostly on sponsorships and consists of volunteers who organize this event on an annual basis,” she stated.
In conclusion, she invited business fraternities all over Namibia to come on board in order to make this year’s Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo even bigger and better. 

More than N$100 000 was raised during the event as pledged by businesses and individuals. The Keetmanshoop Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo will be held from the 4 to 7 September 2019.

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