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Kerina joins constitutional changes debate

2014-08-05  Mathias Haufiku

Kerina joins constitutional changes debate
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WINDHOEK- United Nations petitioner Professor Mburumba Kerina said the ongoing efforts to amend the country’s constitution are not necessary as the current constitution is a ‘beautiful’ one. Kerina has also warned Namibians not to look each other through tribal lenses as this could fuel chaos in the country.

Kerina, who was among the first petitioners to the United Nations for Namibian independence on behalf of the Herero Chief’s Council, made the remarks while delivering a motivational speech to Nipam students on Friday where he encouraged them to remain dedicated and committed to the nation.

“I must say that these constitutional amendments being spoken about are not necessary at all, for me the constitution is beautiful which will not even require change by the next generation. We have a great balance of power between the three legs of government and our constitution is lauded worldwide, and we are enduring peace in the country because of our constitution,” he said.

Minister of Presidential Affairs Dr Albert Kawana last week tabled the country’s third Constitutional Amendment Bill in the National Assembly, which seeks amongst others to introduce a vice-presidency position and a post of deputy chief justice.

Most of the opposition parties have rejected the bill claiming that there were not enough consultations done for input from the public. Some organizations also questioned the rushed pace at which the bill is being dealt with.

As for tribalism, Kerina urged Namibians to shun tribalism because “it will kill this country”.

“This country will not be born for a second time, and we risk becoming a banana republic if we betray this nation,” he warned.

“Over the years we [Namibia] even got invites to go and mediate in countries obliterated by tribalism. Therefore, if you’re employed in the public service please do not think along tribal lines,” he told the students.

Kerina narrated how Namibians struggled to get jobs in other African countries over the years because of tribalism.

“Even with a doctorate degree, one could not get a job at an elementary school, that is how bad it was. But here in Namibia we do not have a problem because we give them jobs,” he said.

Kerina also warned leaders not to impose an agenda on the youth but that the youth should make their own decisions.

“As elders we should not make the mistake to impose what we have achieved onto the future generation, let them define themselves and their own destiny. But all we ask from the youth is dedication, commitment and honesty towards this country of ours,” said Kerina who was also a member of the country’s Constituent Assembly.

By Mathias Haufiku

2014-08-05  Mathias Haufiku

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