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//Kharas governor calls for teamwork

2020-05-15  Staff Reporter

//Kharas governor calls for teamwork
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Steven Klukowski

//Kharas regional governor Aletha Frederick has assured residents of the region that she will do everything within her ability to ensure each citizen in the region acquires whatever service they are entitled to.
She was speaking at a welcoming reception arranged for her in Keetmanshoop recently.
The governor further reasoned that although wise people argue that a promise is equivalent to debt, it is inevitable for politicians to make promises since they are attached to political parties, both as members and as leaders.

“Therefore, I have no choice but to promise to you, the inhabitants of the //Kharas region, that I will do everything within my human ability to ensure that each and every one of you acquire what you are entitled to in my capacity as governor of the region,” she said.
Frederick said she can only achieve this with the input of the inhabitants of the region; thus, she urged all stakeholders to be willing to share their ideas with her and provide her with needed advice whenever required.
“We have to set aside our race, tribe, skin colour, political beliefs, church affiliation, gender or age differences for those moments that I will approach you to exchange ideas about the prosperity of our region’s residents,” she added. 

Frederick also said, as governor, she has to serve all the residents of the region, regardless of their political beliefs. 
She appealed to residents of the region to join hands, support each other and be each other’s counsellors to bring about change in the social and economic wellbeing of all the residents of the region and the country at large.
“However, we must guard against the fact that we should not at all times try to impose our thinking and will on others,” she cautioned. 
Frederick emphasised she will at times be obliged to turn down recommendations that conflict with the Namibian constitution. 
In terms of her strategic plans during her tenure of office, the politician said she will make it a priority to engage the regional leadership on milestones achieved, the progress made and challenges faced in terms of the implementation of the region’s current five-year National Development Plan. 

“The Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) is one of the pillars of it whereby we, as Namibians, should strive to achieve what we want to accomplish by the year 2030,” noted the governor.
Frederick also strongly emphasised that government and the private sector should join hands to develop and grow the country’s economy.
 “I will also work very closely with the business sector on a reciprocal approach in terms of the provision of guidance and assistance,” she added. 


2020-05-15  Staff Reporter

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