• July 20th, 2019
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Khomas chairperson and MC members re-elected


Albertina Nakale WINDHOEK - The chairperson and members of the Khomas Regional Council Management Committee (MC) have been re-elected, following a mid-term re-election held on Friday. The re-elected members of the Management Committee are Rachel Jacob, councillor for John Pandeni Constituency as chairperson, Martin David, councillor for Moses //Garoeb Constituency as an ordinary member, George Trepper councillor for Windhoek West Constituency as an ordinary member and Inga Penina Ita councillor for Windhoek Rural Constituency as an ordinary member. In terms of Article 109 of the Namibian Constitution, each regional council shall elect from amongst its members, a Management Committee. The chairperson and the members of the MC hold the office for two years and six months and are eligible for re-election. The current chairperson and members of the MC of the Khomas Regional Council were elected during December 2015 and their period of office expired end of May 2018, which warranted the elections. Accepting her re-election as chairperson, Jacob thanked her fellow councillors for re-electing her for the remaining years of their five-year term. She expressed gratitude to her fellow councilors for their outstanding cooperation, advice and guidance during her previous term when she took office two years ago. “It made my job as chairperson easier and manageable. I know that I was not re-elected because of my work alone, but because of our collective efforts as a council to make Khomas a better place,” she said. Equally, Jacob reassured her firm support for on-going programmes and projects aimed at improving the living standards of the people, adding she will do her utmost to lead the council to the best of her abilities as they tackle challenges of socio-economic and service delivery head on in the region. Moreover, Jacob reminded her fellow councillors that they were called to serve the interests of the people above their own and as such should be transparent in all their dealings. “We can only win the trust of our people and build solid relationships with them if we are transparent and committed to serving their interests,” she noted.
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2018-06-04 09:32:43 1 years ago

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