• July 10th, 2020

Khomas Loyalty Fund announces affordable healthcare 

Responding to the public outcry for affordable private healthcare, Khomas Medical Centre and Sanlam have collaborated to introduce the Khomas Loyalty Fund (KLF). 
KLF offers affordable healthcare options specifically aimed at people without medical aid, as well as those who have medical aid but often find their benefits depleted. 

Providing accessible quality healthcare, KLF offers three different options. These include options for private patients, a family top-up option as well as an individual top-up option. 
The options give members access to private general practitioner consultations, acute medication, selective blood tests and funeral benefits underwritten by Sanlam. 

Dr Christo Burger, managing partner of the Khomas Medical Group, said: “I am confident and extremely excited that this new product, the KLF, will change the whole medical industry, offering the people of Namibia a chance to have access to private healthcare. The fund will provide accessible quality healthcare in private health facilities, which were previously difficult to access, due to high costs of healthcare in our country. This is one of the reasons why the KLF will bring relief to many in the country who were previously excluded from accessing private health facilities and will also bring aid in reducing the huge burden on the public health sector facilities.”

With health facilities in seven different locations in Windhoek and health facilities in Mondesa, Swakopmund, Burger added: “The Khomas Loyalty Fund is ready to begin serving the Namibian nation.”  Burger also indicated that the group has plans to soon expand its services to other parts of the country. 

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2020-06-29 09:12:30 | 11 days ago

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