• July 18th, 2019
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Khomas Regional Council

Query: Tender Board documents at Khomas Regional Council. I was referred to office G13 on 16 February 2018 at 09h00, in order to collect tender documents. I found a woman in that office and after she gave me the documents I asked her to show me the tender number so that I can SMS it to the person who sent me. The way she answered me was not good. I propose she should be sent for customer care service training so that she can assist people in a proper manner.   Response: The Khomas Regional Council appreciates the customer’s feedback and we sincerely apologise for the poor customer service experienced at the hands of our employee. We have launched an internal enquiry into the issue to ensure that our valued customers do not experience similar unprofessional behaviour in the future. We further appreciate your suggestion on customer service training, we will surely give it a thought. We encourage our customers to launch their complaints with our Public Relations Department, office no: 1.14, Tel. o61 – 292 4364 or e-mail: pr@khomasrc.gov.na Query: Why do I need a permission letter from the principal to go to Khomas Regional Office? Why must the principal know why I am going to HR and when? As long as it is not in teaching time, then it’s not of the principal’s business. Sometimes we have valid reasons about our contracts, probation, separation, employment conditions, etc. Should we go to the unions instead, since they actually listen to HODs/teachers and respect confidentiality? Query: Minister of education, why is HR at Khomas Regional Office only for principals? The officers also do not know the meaning of confidentiality. Go to HR with valid problems and they’ll tell the principal, who in turn will announce all your issues in staff meetings. If the HR only cares about the principals, who should the teachers and HODs go to? Response: A written permission to visit the Regional Office is required in order for the school to make appropriate arrangements for the supervision of learners during the teacher’s absence. In cases where a teacher goes outside working hours, such a letter is required to inform the Regional Office of the enquiry for record purposes and for appropriate feedback to the staff member. Principals are the accounting officers of government schools, hence the need to be informed of all human resources actions that may affect the operations of the school. Any staff members who feels aggrieved by breach of confidentiality, are welcome to a lodge formal complaint with the Chief Human Resources Practitioner in writing for such cases to be investigated. Public Unions are recognised by our government and public servants have the liberty to engage the union unhindered.   * Lydia Shifa, Chief Public Relations Officer, Khomas Regional Council, Email Address: lshifa@khomasrc.gov.na
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2018-03-13 09:53:48 1 years ago

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