• April 22nd, 2019
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Khorixas struggles with ageing fleet

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The acting Chief Executive Officer of Khorixas Town Council, Ralla //Gowaseb, says the council’s old heavy-duty vehicles – some manufactured in the 1960s – are a stumbling block to the council’s operations. “Some of the heavy-duty vehicles we have are from the 1960s and they break down often and to repair them is very expensive. The town council only picks up rubbish at the town when there is an event, funeral or wedding because the heavy-duty vehicle fleet is in bad shape,” //Gowaseb said. One of the heavy-duty vehicles broke down recently while being used on road construction works in the town. “If there is money available, we will buy new ones but there is nothing at the moment,” //Gowaseb added. Mayor Elizabeth Geises told this newspaper that they were praying for a Good Samaritan who could assist them. “I hope our prayers are answered and a Good Samaritan can buy for us heavy-duty vehicles,” Geises said. The repair of heavy-duty vehicles is very costly, as it is above N$100,000. “Even a small car costs a lot for repairs - just imagine how much repairs for heavy-duty machinery will be?,” Geises said. On the littering of the town, Geises advises residents not just to criticise but to bring their side on board too. “Parents educate their children on littering at their homes but people still do it. Khorixas can be tidy if everyone can be part of keeping our town clean by not throwing away what they use publicly,” Geises said. Residents frequently criticise the town council for the litter strewn around the town from right in the middle of the business area of the town including the main roads throughout the town. The Khorixas mayor was at pains over high sky rocking debt owed by the residents of Khorixas . “I don’t know who told our people they must not pay their bills.” Geises added that she did not know of any free housing, hence every household must pay municipal rates. New Era was reliably informed that the town council is struggling financially while the staff are heavily paid. Although the north-western town struggles to buy new heavy vehicles, New Era was informed that its informal settlement of Donkerhoek is in for a treat, as N$52 million has been set aside to provide water and sanitation for the area. “We want to bring water closer to each and every household in the informal settlement as well as look into sanitation of our residents,” //Gowaseb said. He said that the Khorixas Town Council wants to bring services closer to the people as per the broader aspirations of the Namibian government.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-26 09:27:48 1 years ago

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