• July 18th, 2019
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Khorixas youth support planned VTC

Education, National
Education, National

Clemans Miyanicwe Khorixas Khorixas youth came out in full support of the planned construction of the Kunene Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) at the meeting held on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management plan (EMP). The meeting was chaired by John Sirundu from the contractor HJ Geoenviro Trading CC. “I was born and raised here in Khorixas. Ever since I was born I have seen little development in our town. Let us not waste time,” said 26-year-old Vladimir Losper. The north-western town’s youth took a united stand on the construction of the KVTC after some attendees at the meeting raised concerns over the site for the KVTC as it is near a graveyard, as well as next to a site where a new auction kraal will be relocated. The KVTC will be built on the 25-hectare plot opposite the Herbert Conradie Stadium and the auction kraal at Khorixas, after the site was approved by the Khorixas Town Council on January 25. Emil Alex Gomachab, one of the Khorixas Constituency Youth Forum (KCYF) leaders, said: “Between two schools, T.H.F. !Gaeb Primary School and Welwitschia Junior Secondary School, there is a graveyard. Does this have any negative effect? Those buildings are there and so are the graves.” Gomachab said the focus is that youth need a vocational training centre. He castigated opponents of the planned KVTC. “We must know that those who need the VTC are the ones talking. Some of you send your children abroad to study but what about others who cannot afford it?” Gomachab added that about 400 pupils failed Grade 10 in 2016 in Khorixas and if a VTC was built some of these dropouts could study there but the delay will only add to the problem of unemployed youth. “We have lots of unemployed children already at home. Do we want to keep more children at home and feed them porridge?” Gomachab said. John Haraseb, a construction company owner, said he is a VTC graduate. “I am a graduate from the Okakarara VTC. I hiked to Okakarara for years to attend training so I am really happy that now we will have a VTC here. Today’s meeting is all about the construction of a new VTC and not about the site,” Haraseb said. The construction company owner questioned if money was borrowed from the Khorixas community for the KVTC to be built and if it is being delayed for that reason. Local businessman Jocobeth Futika, who is one of the opponents of the KVTC site, said: “I want to make it clear about the site which is already decided. Can the environmental commissioner reject the site and will this lead to the KVTC being constructed somewhere else?” Futika asked as other youths disagreed with his sentiment. Deputy Chief of the #Aodaman Traditional Authority Cristofine Claasen felt the project is a great idea. “This is a multi-million dollar project and we welcome it whole-heartedly but I want to know is the relocation of the auction kraal and sewage ponds included in this chunk of the budget?” Claasen asked. Festus !Haeseb, a senior headman of #Aodaman Traditional Authority, said the community appreciates the government’s response on the construction of the planned VTC at Khorixas, following a request made by the traditional authority during the visit of the then Vice-President Dr Nickey Iyambo, who resigned from his position last month on health grounds.
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