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Kid OG releases ‘The Ancestor’s lost Tape’ EP

2021-11-19  Staff Reporter

Kid OG releases ‘The Ancestor’s lost Tape’ EP
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  Emilie Shimbali


While many local artists have now dived into the sea of Amapiano, emerging rapper Lukas Fillipus is taking us back to the music of his ancestors.

“My songs are intended to remind us of the important messages of our great legendary musicians such as Tate Kwela and Meekulu Naghili Nashima,” says Fillipus, also known as Kid OG on stage.

He recently released his debut EP, ‘The Ancestor’s Lost Tape’, which is different from the majority of music currently on offer by new artists on the block.

 “It is an artist’s job to touch people’s hearts at different times, but if you look back at old songs, why are we throwing away the advice in those songs?” he asks.

The kick-off EP contains 14 tracks, which are a mix of Aawambo traditional songs, hip-hop and trap music that talks about current issues in education, tradition, society, fable fiction and poetry. 

“It’s as if the ancestors misplaced their tape years ago, and I’ve restored and mixed it for their descendants to keep their words in a transformed world.” 

“Because people are more interested in modern genres these days, I decided to mix them with some old songs that have been sung without beats or instruments. Music is an art form, and each piece of music must have a theme, which is why I chose to narrate on beats. As musicians, we call it flowing.”

He collaborated with one of the biggest artists in the industry – Young T,  proving that Kid OG isn’t just singing to a “lost” tape, but serving spicy ghost pepper, he promises more collaborations.

His message to all musicians is, “Namibian musicians and producers, respect the art of music and keep its moral. We live in a small country but that should not make us think we are minors; instead, let us push and support one another”.


2021-11-19  Staff Reporter

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