• August 4th, 2020

Kids killed in devastating midday blaze

ONAMBANGO - Two children were killed in a horror midday house fire at Onambango in the Oshikoto region on Wednesday.
The incident happened shortly after their mother had left the homestead to charge her cell phone at a nearby village. According to the mother Aina Erastus, the fire broke out in one of the thatched huts and was started by children playing with matches. 
A young boy survived and left to tell the tale, as he ran out of the hut when it started burning, while the eight-year-old and a two-year-old baby boy ran inside and hid under a bed. 

However, the roof caved in and as a result, they burnt to death. The victims were identified as Samuel Namwapo and Tuhupitha Sackeus. Nothing was salvaged from the hut, including national documents, food, blankets and clothes. 
Erastus said everything happened in a split second just the moment she had left home. “Just within a few minutes I left the house, I received a call from the neighbour that something terrible has happened. 

Upon my return, I was welcomed by ashes and fading smoke. It was a bizarre situation looking at everything that turned into ash,” added the bereaved mother. Meanwhile, the councillor for Onyaanya, Petrus Kambala, appealed to the nation to come to the aid of the devastated family, who already live in an impoverished state. 

“This is the time of sorrow and need, therefore, let us hold hands and assist this family as every little thing they had is gone. I am glad that some of the community members have started coming on board to assist,” said Kambala, who contributed two bags of mahangu grains. 
“More especially when it comes to funeral arrangement, we need to work together, even to provide coffins and tents as we look forward to restoring her dignity by assisting to get a roof over her head.”

Obrien Simasiku
2020-07-24 09:47:26 | 11 days ago

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