• July 18th, 2019
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#KidsTakeOver Key Messages

Namibian children should stand up and speak out for our rights. We should know that with rights and freedoms come responsibility. #KidsTakeOver It saddens me when I see children on the streets begging for food and money. We need to do more to support children living poverty. #KidsTakeOver Children and youth need spaces where we can gather to talk about issues that affect us and come up with solutions. We are not powerless, we can work together to build a better Namibia for all. #KidstakeOver For me to see a person that doesn’t have a roof over their head, food to eat, or clothes to wear makes me very sad. Let’s stand together and fight poverty. #KidsTakeOver It makes me happy knowing that government is trying to make a positive difference in children’s lives. Teenage pregnancy is decreasing as we are becoming more and more educated. But we need more youth-friendly centres where young people can go for advice and sexual health services. #KidsTakeOver Adults must stop abusing children physically, verbally and emotionally because it negatively affects children education. #KidsTakeOver Why is the voting age 18? Why can’t 16 year olds vote? We are politically aware at that age already. We can tell the difference between good and bad leadership. Reduce the voting age to 16. #KidsTakeOver Stop the building of a new parliament and use the money to fight poverty among children. #KidsTakeOver Build schools and other facilities in rural areas because children have to walk long distances to access education. Rural children should also be provided with access to ICT at schools and hospitals. We must keep free education forever. #KidsTakeOver Find your voice and build your confidence. Be happy and love what you do, nothing can ever be difficult if you have a passion for it. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can conquer all your dreams. #KidsTakeOver Let’s not be the future, let’s be the present. Start raising your voice now. Adults should stop ignoring us and start listening. Let’s be the voices for those who cannot be heard. Let’s be the fists for those who can’t fight. Let’s be the shield for those who can’t protect themselves. #KidsTakeOver Make a difference in a child life today and share a smile. Stop cyberbullying, what you say may end someone’s life. Let’s be united, stop the hate and build better future. #KidsTakeOver Education should be taught in local languages because many children are fluent in their mother tongue. This way we preserve our indigenous languages. #KidsTakeOver Government can stop child trafficking if they provide support to poor families. The police, government and communities must work together to stop child sexual exploitation. #KidsTakeOver Child abuse is sad. People abuse children a lot, and even give them drugs and alcohol. We need more social workers to safe these vulnerable children from abusive parents and guardians. #KidsTakeOver Government must table the Access to Information Bill NOW. All local councils must provide information on junior councils, their role, and how children can be part of it. #KidsTakeOver As a Namibian child, I really appreciate the government for what they are doing. We must keep in mind that appreciation boosts the person willingness to continue doing what s/he is doing. #KidsTakeOver We must help each other because we are ONE at the end of the day. Always smile and never walk passed a sad face. #KidsTakeOver We are strong and intelligent young people, so let’s be a great generation and help a dying nation. #KidsTakeOver Always stand up for what is right, regardless of where you come from or what you have. Be the reason for somebody else’s smile. #KidsTakeOver Freedom of expression is such blessing. I’m so happy that #MyNamibia is a leading country of media freedom and freedom of expression. We must keep it that way. #KidsTakeOver Rude nurses in state hospitals worsen my condition. A smile is free. #KidsTakeOver Parents please allow us to choose our future careers. #KidsTakeOver I want the Government to remove shebeens from residential areas so that no children get involved in alcohol abuse, and have peace and quiet to study. Civil society and police should ensure shebeen restrictions are taken seriously. #KidsTakeOver The unequal distribution of wealth is sad. Only certain areas of Namibia are being developed and not all children are getting access to education and information. #KidsTakeOver Street kids are being neglected. Government should please build them homes. They have the right to shelter and dignity. #KidsTakeOver The eradication of our cultural dress and the lack of education on our history is sad. I don’t want to learn about Hitler, I want to study my Constitution and learn about my rights already in Grade 0. Empower the youth to be proud of our culture and promote it. #KidsTakeOver A smile represents joy. Spread the love. All a child needs is a hug for the rainbow to form. #KidsTakeOver Why do Namibian children always have to pay for their parent’s action? Just because a child’s parent was sentenced to prison, doesn’t mean the child is also a criminal. Parents please, whatever you do please do regard the consequences that your child is going to face. #KidsTakeOver It make me sad seeing children being beaten by their parents when they are drunk. Parents should be happy with their children. Families must love, care and respect their children. #KidsTakeOver I want less shebeens and more schools. #KidsTakeOver Sad to see high school girls dropping out of school because of pregnancies, which leads to baby dumping. Every child should have the right to life, survival and development. #KidsTakeOver I wonder how our next generation will be if we think about clubs all the time. Government should build a park for the youth, as it will keep them away from drugs and alcohol. #KidsTakeOver
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