• April 22nd, 2019
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Killer of childhood friend gets bail

Maria Amakali WINDHOEK – A woman who was arrested early this year in connection with the death of her childhood friend was released on bail by the Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Magistrate Michelle Kubersky gave an order to release Jamee Kahuure, 25, on bail of N$3,000. Kahuure had been in custody since her arrest in February and was not released on bail during her first appearance after the State strongly opposed the notion. The State at the time feared that once Kahuure is released on bail she will interfere with ongoing investigations and possibly witnesses. The prosecution is charging Kahuure with a charge of murder for the death of her long-time friend Denice Toudy Willemse, 22. The prosecution alleges that Kahuure intentionally killed Willemse by stabbing her with a knife in the chest. The incident took place on February 13 at Onyati, Okuryangava. Kahuure had approached the court to be released on bail last month. However, yesterday without a bail hearing as scheduled, the prosecution informed the court that the investigation officer dealing with the case no longer opposes Kahuure getting bail. Prosecutor Victoria Thompson explained that Kahuure had promised not to interfere with ongoing police investigations and witnesses, but adding that in light of the seriousness of the offence bail should be set at N$3,000. According to police reports at the time of the incident, the two long-time friends got into an argument. Willemse walked away from the argument and went to her room but Kahuure jumped over the boundary wall and followed Willemse to her room. She then stabbed her in the chest. The police indicated Willemse died instantly from the stab wound. The cause of the argument is yet to be determined. Magistrate Kubersky postponed the case to August 10 for further police investigations. The court warned Kahuure to make an appearance or risk having a warrant of arrest issued against her.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-15 09:33:40 10 months ago

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