• July 21st, 2019
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Killer of trainee pastor jailed for life

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Roland Routh Windhoek Andre Friedel Castri Dausab, 33, who was convicted of killing his former girlfriend by stabbing her 27 times with three knives, was sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday by High Court Judge Naomi Shivute. On July 25 last year, Dausab was convicted for killing his former girlfriend, who was a trainee pastor at the time she lost her life. Dausab was found guilty of slitting the throat of 33-year-old Gofaone Motlamme at the United Lutheran Theological Paulinum College in Pioneerspark Extension One on February 22, 2014. According to Judge Shivute, Dausab did not show remorse, but was simply sorry for the deceased’s loss of life and furthermore he did not accept responsibility for taking another person’s life. “The accused played victim instead of accepting the consequences of his actions,” noted the judge. Although Dausab is a first-time offender and has spent four years in custody awaiting the finalisation of his trial, the interest of society far outweighs his personal circumstances, stressed the judge. She further said Dausab is unwilling to accept that the offence he committed was serious and that he appeared to trivialise a serious situation by suggesting the court should impose a term of imprisonment not exceeding 15 years. During his arguments in mitigation of sentence, Dausab argued that a sentence in excess of 15 years would be inhumane and degrading. He told the judge that if she should sentence him as such, she might as well deliver the death sentence. According to Judge Shivute, this showed Dausab has no regard for the deceased’s right to life and instead is more concerned about his own wellbeing. “The accused committed a heinous offence. He viciously attacked the deceased and stabbed her with knives 27 times. Although the accused professed to have loved the deceased, his actions were obviously not consistent with a loving and caring partner,” she stated. She went on to say one cannot intentionally harm the person they love. The judge narrated how Dausab went to the extent of locking the deceased inside the room after he stabbed her even though she was still alive. “He did not want other people to reach her and render assistance,” she said, adding: “Locking her in a room is a clear indication that he intended her to succumb to the multiple injuries he caused her.” According to Judge Shivute, the accused’s actions towards the deceased were inhumane, cruel and degrading. “He subjected the deceased to torture and one can only imagine the pain she had to endure,” the judge said and stressed that it is high time men in relationships with women understand that once a woman tells them they are no longer interested in continuing with the relationship, she means just that and her views and feelings should be understood and respected. The judge further said Dausab has deprived the deceased of her precious life and has made her children orphans as well as seriously impacting on the lives of her family. Both her parents developed hypertension while her two brothers have turned to substance abuse and dropped out of school, the judge said. “The deceased’s children were seriously affected, especially the youngest child who continued to ask whether she would be able to reunite with her mother,” the judge said. Judge Shivute said the killing was not done in the heat of the moment, but was premeditated. “The accused first sent a text message to the deceased that he would do all those things including murder,” she said. She said members of society need to be protected from dangerous individuals like the accused, who behave irrationally. “I am convinced that the accused is a danger to society, who needs to be removed from society for a period of time,” Judge Shivute further stated. Dausab appeared on his own behalf after his legal aid lawyer, Bronell Uirab withdrew from the trial and State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu prosecuted. Caption (Pic: Andre Dausab sentence): Photo: Roland Routh
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