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Kim’s Safari by CBK taking her places

2021-11-19  Staff Reporter

Kim’s Safari by CBK taking her places
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  Terence Mukasa


Kaino Matheus, the brains behind Couture by Kim, is determined to own a fashion house that offers training and clothes to be sold in international stores. 

The fashion and textile designer, known by many as Kim, told VIBEZ! designing keeps her alive in ways that are therapeutic. 

She draws great pleasure from what she imagines and research.

“It’s just a talent that I got to follow and fall for, especially with the support of my whole family and childhood friends,” she said.

Kim is a Unam graduate in visual art and also holds an honours degree in tourism management. 

She recently applied at Nust for a vocational training course to boost her planning skills for Couture by Kim (CBK) Investments.

She wishes to approach the National Training Authority to offer her assistance in apprenticeships.

Kim grew up seeing her mother design toddler dresses and skirts for her little sisters, and used that knowledge to make her own clothes as a teenager.

“I can now design seasonal clothing and anything that tells a story; custom-made clothes designed for individuals as well as make my own textiles. I design shoes and bags, which allows me to work with other creatives from different departments of fashion.”

Kim said her Safari by CBK Clothing and website, launched in 2019, has taken her to places she has never imagined.

“I recently went to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) to be part of the African reception fashion in October,” she said excitedly.

The collection features Odelela fabric and a safari colour palette. 

Odelela is generally associated to be the traditional wear of the Aawambo people of Namibia. 

This fabric was introduced to them by Finnish missionaries. 

The safari palette is predominantly khaki or brown.

Kim is assisted by four interns from the Community Skills Development Foundation. 

“They need to do job shadowing, and I chose to be one of the small companies to set an example, moulding their future for better experience and understanding,” said Kim proudly.

Visit her page at couturebykim


2021-11-19  Staff Reporter

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