• August 3rd, 2020

King Gucci tastes the water from the mainstream music industry

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – From comedy to music, Namibian comedian, Social media influencer and newcomer to the music industry, King Gucci is not just your regular teenager, he is chasing his dreams like he’s running out of time and nothing can stop him as he ventured into music with his debut single ’Energy’.

 The dream which was born out of funny social media vines made King Gucci, real name Herman Malukolo the man he is today.

In an interview with Entertainment now! the energetic King Gucci confirmed that he found a new passion for music and he will be venturing into the industry. 

He described his new single and video as ‘Flames’ meaning it is going to be a hit and it accommodates everyone.

“There’s depth to it because it’s a song dedicated to different people from all walks of life whether or not their rich-poor, black or white my aim and mindset is about getting people to come together to show and give out their positive energy. In a way that nobody has ever seen before, “he said. 

King Gucci is an inspiration to the new generation of entertainers as he proves them that age is just a number and one can achieve their dreams if they pursue them with commitment.

He joined the entertainment industry as a backup dancer for many artists and later found an interest in comedy which suddenly made him a public figure, after a video of him named ‘Ekumbatha lyoportal’ went viral on social media.

“What inspired me to do music is my passion for music and the aim to show my fellow young Namibians not to limit themselves to anything. When I was a backup dancer music has always been in my circle and it got to me,” he said.

While most people of his age still seek financial support from parents, King Gucci uses his social media platform to bring bread on the table.

 Despite him being a student, he said he still manages his time well and school comes first before anything else.
“Time management and setting my priorities straight, I always make sure my schedule is good. School is important because as much as there is talent the brain should also be able to assist the talent so I am taking my school very serious and at the same time working hard to build and maintain my brand,” says Gucci.

King Gucci is on a mission of building his brand and he is looking forward to partner up with multiple cooperates and companies that see potential in him.
As a youth, he said he will be working on a few projects to create HIV and AIDS and Teenage pregnancy awareness.

He added, “As an influencer, it’s my responsibility to tackle some of the serious issues affecting us as the youth”.

King Gucci’s single and video which is directed by his best friend and fellow comedian, will be out soon and he thanked his fans for always supporting him.


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