• July 4th, 2020

King Kauluma village water woes a thing of the past

Josephina Mwashindange

KING KAULUMA – The water scarcity that has been hindering the school progress at the King Kauluma Combined School will soon be a thing of the past. 

The relief came about when the Managing Director of Oshivelo Farming, Jan Cronje and Onguma donated a borehole to the tune of N$400 000. 

The borehole is donated in an effort to address water shortage at that school.
“I have been seeing the principal of this school carrying water containers from Oshivelo to King Kauluma with his pick-up vehicle on a daily basis. I then decided to intervene and partnered with Onguma, to uplift the school, said Cronje during ground breaking event at the school premises.

Cronje further added that, they are not doing this for the elders, but for the learners, and he urged them to grab every opportunity they get to learn, citing that life is about opportunities and if learners want to achieve in life, they should work hard.

The school principal of King Kauluma, Edward Akawa, welcomed the gesture, saying that it is a dream come true. 

“I am speechless as I do not know what to say and how to thank Mr Cronje, our school has been without water for the past three years, and now we received a helping hand from a good hearted man,” thanked Akawa. Besides, the two boreholes in the school’s vicinity have dried up. However, the school use to receive water from the regional headquarters but not sufficient as it is not the only school in need of water.

“The situation is tense because it has also affected the school performance, especially the junior primary where we have a lot of vulnerable children, most of them do not come to school due to hunger,” he said.
According to the school principal, the water shortage has caused the suspension of its feeding programme as well as the school garden. However, not only has the lack of water stopped the feeding programme, learners cannot use the ablution facilities at school as well.  

In his keynote addresses, Erwin Nashikaku, the special advisor to Oshikoto governor, assured the government is strongly committed to improve the social welfare of all its citizenry, however, the same government is still facing a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to provision of water to the communities.

“The concept of social responsibility is key to national development and the business community is critical in the furtherance of this ideal. Hence Mr Cronje, a veteran of Oshivelo community has demonstrated that by offering to drill a borehole at King Kauluma Combined School is a manifestation of bringing services closer to the people and meeting government halfway,” said Nashikaku. 

He encouraged the school management to put the facility to good use and ensure that it is taken care of and prevent it from any sorts of vandalism.

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2020-02-10 07:47:55 | 4 months ago

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