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King Tee Dee’s big secret finally revealed...this explains hiatus from music scene

2021-06-22  Staff Reporter

King Tee Dee’s big secret finally revealed...this explains hiatus from music scene
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King Tee Dee has been making boss moves in the entertainment industry and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The musician jumped onto the scene in 2003, and has solidified himself as a respected lyricist.

The One Love hitmaker wears many hats, dabbling as a musician, producer, and entrepreneur. Taking to social media recently, he announced that he has launched a new company. His latest hustle will probably sustain him beyond his tenure in the music industry.

It is no secret that the music industry is fickle and artists are often compelled to have many side hustles to sustain themselves, and King Tee Dee resonates with this. The musician, who is a hustler of note, has also revealed why he decided to take a break from the music scene.

King Tee Dee has not been releasing music for several years now, leaving fans deer in the headlights on whether he has thrown in the towel. Taking to his social media accounts, he revealed that he has launched his own insurance company called, Mshasho Insurance. He said he has been working on this for several years now, and he can now breathe a sigh of relief because the company has been approved.

With this latest business venture, King Tee Dee is set to create jobs for Namibians.

“I took a break from music to work on this project and finally it is approved. Let’s keep the money in Namibia and grow the economy. Mshasho Insurance and owned by Namibians. Let’s create employment.”

So does this mean he will return to the music scene? King Tee Dee has not dropped songs or albums in many years now. He last collaborated with decorated musician Tate Buti, and he said he felt he had done all he needed to do in music.

“Personally I feel like I achieved all I wanted in music. Currently, I’m not really inspired to record music, Tate Buti was lucky to get me in the studio, which I just did, 10 minutes of recording and left. I feel like doing something new, totally out of music that can challenge me.” 

In an interview with New Era in 2020, King Tee Dee highlighted how he managed to gain his relevance through social media.

“One thing I will always be grateful for is my fans who have been supporting me throughout my music career; they never stopped believing in me and even when years pass by without dropping a new track or album, they still keep me on top. Being active on social media also helps me to keep rolling the ball,” he said.

“Even when I am quiet on music, some artists always feel threatened by me – to such an extent where they would force me to resign. Changing my name to King Tee Dee also left many talking, because they feel like I am now their king.” 


2021-06-22  Staff Reporter

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