• June 17th, 2019
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Krylov paid N$100 for sex with young girls


Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay-The Russian marine pilot, Alexander Krylov, accused of human trafficking, rape and committing immoral acts with under-aged girls, has testified that prior to his arrest in October he had several sexual encounters, including a threesome, which involved his co-accused Anna Maria Engelbrecht. Krylov, who was represented by defence lawyer Marinus Scholtz, said the sexual encounters was consensual and that he paid the girls N$100 each after sex. “I was not aware that they were under-age,” Krylov told the court on Wednesday. In fact, the 56-year-old suspect said he only learned about the ages of the girls after the reports of his alleged sexual offenses appeared in newspapers. Krylov explained that he first met one of the minor girls in March through Engelbrecht. “I first met the second accused, Anna Maria, in March this year. She told me that she is with a lady that wants to have sex with me in exchange for money. I went to fetch them in town,” he said, adding that he had asked the girl how old she was before they had sex and was told that she was 17 years old. “We ended up having a threesome with Engelbrecht as well, and I paid them each N$100 after the sexual encounter and drove them to town,” said Krylov, who at times spoke through a Russian interpreter. He said the girls contacted him three weeks after the first encounter and he went to fetch them in town again. “I had sex with them and paid them 100 each,” said Krylov shortly before his defence lawyer Marinus Scholtz presented documents that indicated Krylov was earning about N$84,000 a month after deductions from Namport. Givign reasons as to why he should be granted bail, Krylov during the proceedings told the court that he is doing a rather significant job at Namport and that he trains Namibians, while employed at Namport as a marine pilot. “I bring in at least a million dollar per month through my job for Namibia and I am paying taxes of about N$42,000 per month to the government, as well. I just had my contract renewed by Namport. I have been living in Namibia for the past 15 years and was given permanent residence of the country, as well. I was never involved in criminal activities,” he said. Apart from that, Krylov said he fears that he might lose his job at Namport, as his situation reflects negatively on the company. I have to go back and do my job,” he said. Krylov’s bail hearing continues today.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-16 09:24:31 1 years ago

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