• September 27th, 2020

Kufamosha seeks funding to film 4th series

WINDHOEK- A group of youth who are into drama plays called Kufamosha drama group is appealing to fellow local film companies to assist them with filming equipment to record part four of their series called ‘Fiyo naini Namibia letu lili ngaha’ (till when is Namibia like this). 

The group's film have been aired on NBC TV focusing on social issues such as domestic violence, educating people on cultural and traditional values and creating awareness on people with disabilities. The series production started in 2011 with various short films in between but only started airing recently on NBC.

Marketing officer, Aini Katanga, whose role is a police officer in the play, said the company has a camera but it’s of poor quality hence asking assistance to deliver better footage. 

Katanga told Entertainment Now! They need cameras, tripods and financial assistance for their cast who are travelling from other regions to Windhoek. They also need assistance with accommodation, food and attire. 

She said good Samaritans can assist in whatever way they can. The group intends to start filming this month and release the next part of the series in February. The film will concentrate on domestic violence which is already rampant in the society, Katanga shared. “We want to caution and educate men on how to handle relationships. Killing is not a solution. People affected can seek for assistance from different stakeholders including the police and many other offices. We also illustrate how police should act and assist the community when it comes to gender-based violence (GBV) because they don’t take such cases seriously. We are also educating people to be on the lookout whether their partners really love them or just in for material gains,” Katanga explained. 

She further said they included elders in the series who will give advice and also show the results of what happens when one does not listen to such advice.

Katanga said their group also does cultural performances and cultural drama. The group can be booked for such performances on 0817958892

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