• August 13th, 2020

Kwaito singer blows up after radio recognition

Markes Haufiku picked a lucky charm and gained recognition in his early music career, a struggle to most emerging artists in the country.
Entertainment Now! caught up with one of the most celebrated artists in the northern part of the country who is climbing the ladder of fame.
Born and bred in Ondangwa, Haufiku describes himself as a hardworking boy who believes that one does not have to fight for the hype from the public.

He said, “people will recognise your work if you put in the effort”. Being an underground artist, the Levels singer said that he learned to be patient with himself and put effort in his work, which he believes is the reason he deserves the recognition.
The 20-year-old kwaito singer’s music has been getting countless air plays mostly on some of the popular stations such as Shipi FM, Kati FM, and Omulunga radio.
Haufiku told Entertainment Now! he’s working on an album titled ‘The Rocket’ which is expected to be released in September this year.

So far, the kwaito rising star has released nine tracks and three singles, featured by some of the well-known kwaito sensations such as Makilla, K-dio, Manxebe and many others.

“ For now, I will be more focused on creating a strong fan base and be more consistent with my music,” commented Haufiku.
‘’I decided to put him under my wing because of his passion in music, I saw potential in him and knew he is going to be a kwaito star if he continues doing what he is doing now,” music promoter January Ivula said. 
Ivula said that Haufiku is one of the kwaito stars that fans can rely on to keep the kwaito culture alive.
His fans can expect a new single today and a music video for the song ‘Andizula’ next week.

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Artist Markes Haufiku
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