• July 10th, 2020

Labour ministry to train designated employers across the country

The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation has confirmed that it will be training designated employers in all 14 regions of the country from today to 3 March 2020 on the Employment Service Act and the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS). Designated employers  are employers who employ 25 or more employees. 

In terms of the Employment Service Act, all designated employers are required to report vacancies to the Employment Service Bureau (ESB).

In a statement sent yesterday, the Executive Director in the ministry, Bro-Matthew Shinguadja explained that to ensure compliance with this legal requirement, the labour ministry is conducting training with the objective to empower employers to know how to use the system in order to place vacancies and recruit new employees. “This in turn is expected to help reduce high unemployment, as jobseekers registered on the portal may be placed for jobs registered on the system. It will also provide a fair opportunity to all registered and qualified jobseekers when the ministry refers them to potential designated employers whenever certain vacancies are advertised,” read the statement. 

The NIEIS is a statutory database that collects, stores and updates information concerning the names, qualifications and occupations of job-seekers, vacancies in the labour market, as well as specialised skills and qualifications possessed by Namibian citizens and permanent residents. It supports and contributes to well-coordinated and managed national employment creation efforts in the country.

Staff Reporter
2020-02-13 08:52:30 | 4 months ago

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