• December 1st, 2020

Lack of vaccination programmes a headache for poultry producers

Deon Schlechter

WINDHOEK –Serious concern was raised about the apparent lack of vaccination programmes followed by poultry producers during the first management meeting of the Poultry Producers Association (PPA) in Windhoek last week.
A need was identified for the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) to monitor and assure that poultry producers implement vaccination programmes.  

The concern was raised in the wake of the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza at Halifax Island near Lüderitz, and management emphasised that it is of utmost importance that DVS implement all possible actions to prevent the disease from spreading inland. If the virus reaches poultry farms inland, it has the potential to totally destroy the industry.

As it is, a mammoth task awaits the PPA to increase its production by 30 percent in just two years if it is to achieve the ultimate goal of Vision 2030 to become a totally self-sufficient industry that can produce more than 53 000 tonnes of broilers by 2020. By upping the current production of 40 827 broilers per annum to some 53 100 tonnes per annum, Namibia will also have to increase its egg production from layers from the current 200 00 eggs per day to some 364 000 and reduce industry insecurity from the current 25 percent to below 12 percent.

James Roux a producer and PPA management member of the PPA also notes that growth and expansion of the SME sector within the poultry industry need serious attention. “We need more entrepreneurs and we need to diversify. We need to create this initiatives by better education and development programmes in especially rural areas. We will need funding for manufacturing and businesses and we will have to educate our new farmers,” he stresses

Roux adds it is vital that value be added to the poultry chain and for Namibia to take the existing produce to the next level of manufacturing. Last year the PPA set up rearing houses to accommodate day-old chicks from Europe after the outbreak of bird flu in South Africa (SA). He says the bird flu crisis created job opportunities for Namibians at the rearing houses and serves as an example of how opportunities must be used. Investments should be made in layer chicken cage systems, broiler chicken cage systems, baby chick cage systems, breeding chicken cage systems, poultry eggs inkjet printers and poultry egg grading packing machines. The absence of good communication between producers was also discussed.  

The members’ meeting and information day will take place on March 20 at the Dutch Reform Church in Suiderhof, Diaz Street, Windhoek from  08:30 and the information session will commence shortly afterwards at 10:00.  The main speaker of the day, Dr Frank Travers of AVIMUNE, will address poultry diseases, vaccination programmes and biosecurity with special emphasis on Avian Influenza and ILT. Sponsors of the day are thus far, Feedmaster, NPI and the 

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