• February 25th, 2020

Lasarus Mvula debuts with a single

WINDHOEK - New kid on the block, Lasarus Mvula or just Lasarus as he is famously known among his peers is the artist to watch out for.

The Afro Pop and rap musician has embarked on a musical journey and debuted with a new single titled Oshapuka featuring well-known Hikwa master Sunny Boy.

The single (Oshapuka) was recently released on local radio stations. The song is about ‘abuse of power’ in general.

According to Lasarus, the song is the foretaste of what to expect on his upcoming debut album titled Iyaloo, which is set to be released early next month.

The 11-track album is a repetition of the singer’s first book also titled Iyaloo, which talks about a young girl who has yearned to live a life which is out of her tax bracket.

Lasarus, a man of many talents, is also an author and has found his passion for singing and writing at the age of 15. He says all the songs on the album are related to the content of his book, which will also be released officially next month.

On his upcoming album, Lasarus worked with big guns in the music scene such as Sunny Boy, Tequila, Glo and Miss Rose. He says he teamed up with well-known musicians to give his music a different taste, and to take his music to a next level.

On the album, there will be a song titled Keys to my Heart featuring Tequila. There will also be a song Mama featuring Glo, inspired by a girl who lost her mother due to her wrong deeds.

Apart from that, there will be a House track titled No good tomorrow which means be careful of what you do because you will never take it back.

Before the album is released, Lasarus will release two music videos, as part of promoting the album.
Commenting on the industry itself, Lasarus says the industry is seeing massive growth and artists are doing quite well in terms of supporting each other.  

Lasarus’ album is produced by Glo of Glo Production and directed by Glo and Dion from PDK. 
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