• August 15th, 2020

Lazarus Jacobs’ Siiii Neeew a rib cracker

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The Paragon Crescent in Eros was the loudest place on Friday as comedian, media personality and businessman Lazarus Jacobs staged his first stand-up comedy show after six years of hiatus.
The main theme was “Siiii Neeew” which was derived from JJD’s speech at the
Namas this year. With an array of topics that were covered, Jacobs left no stones
unturned, from the coming up elections, Dr Itula, the EVMs which were borrowed by the ruling party and gone missing while transported in trailers, to reckless driving, MTC Knockout Project, tenderpreneurs and so forth.

Jacobs has a way of telling jokes intellectually because after a session of laughing you will deeply think about the things he has said.

“When I make fun of people, I don’t humiliate them, I make fun of them for the things they will laugh about, and this is how Siiii Neeew was birthed, people were laughing at him, they wanted to humiliate him and I grew up with Damara/Nama people and I decided if I put a spotlight to that and we laugh, it will be a fair game.

Jacobs spoke about blacks and whites, referencing the MTC Knockout Project fight between Tate Buti and Vermeulen

. “We come from the apartheid era and you can either be very angry or use humour to heal
people. I crack jokes about white people to white people, I crack jokes about black people to black people and inter-changeable,” said Jacobs.

On the attendance of his first comedy show from the long break, Jacobs was surprised. “I love the attendance, I saw familiar faces that have supported my comedy career for the past 20 years, I was surprised to see younger people in the audience. That’s why I called up this young and enthusiastic upcoming comedian Ileka,” mentioned Jacobs.

He was happy that young and upcoming comedian don’t tell cheap jokes anymore. “They used to tell cheap jokes because they were looking for laughs but now, they talk about relevant stuff like EVMs compared to the past where it was about girls and so on.”

He was humbled to be in such a space. “I am impressed that people are still responding this way to me, I was telling my wife the other day that whenever we have been given a gift by God, we must be careful
not to reject it,” he advised.

He stopped doing comedy because business kept him preoccupied. “Amidst all of this, I realised that the gift of making people laugh is a special gift and not everybody can do that and I should not reject it,” he emphasised

Jacobs revealed to Entertainment Now! he is likely to hold this stand-up comedy show at least three times a year.

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