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Leah Misika and Melissa Poulton to launch fashion line

2019-05-31  Staff Reporter

Leah Misika and Melissa Poulton to launch fashion line
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Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK  Leah Misika and Melisa Poulton are hosting Jan Jooster Fashion show today, 31 May 2019, at Cellar Rock at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek. Clothes from the line will be available online as of 7 June 2019. 
Because Misika’s mission is not only directed at the beauty, but at pointing out what is also beautiful through fashion art, she is collaborating with a more dramatic, bold and powerful designer. 
“I pitched the idea to Melisa and she thought it would be a great project to embark on. Jägermeister does the same with South African designers, so why not collaborate with Namibian fashion designers,” stated Misika. 
She said the collection is a men’s line consisting of 30 key pieces from which 10 outfits will make an assembled. “We started designing last year September and production work began in December,” said Misika.
“We want to prove to the masses that we can run our own creative themes,” Misika added. 
She said most people complain about big brands not supporting them. 
“The biggest problem we have with fashion in this country is the lack of moral support from the public. How will these companies support you if you don’t support others?” asked Misika. 
Entertainment Now! asked if the industry is big enough to host more designers Misika stated, “The fashion industry needs to grow, there is a lot of stigma about the Namibian fashion industry of people saying locals can’t design, others saying we can’t draw.”
She added that there is no need for competition and the industry needs to be made more approachable to brands. 
Misika warns anyone who wishes to join the industry to be ready for sleepless nights. “With this being a third fashion show I am involved in, it can take you three months to compile and plan a fashion show and when it comes to the actual event it can take five to 10 minutes before the show ends, ” she said figuratively.

2019-05-31  Staff Reporter

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