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Lecturer shortage leaves Ogongo students in limbo

2022-04-27  Aletta Shikololo

Lecturer shortage leaves Ogongo students in limbo

Students at the University of Namibia’s Ogongo Campus are devastated as months and sometimes years pass with no lecturers for some subjects on campus. Some have failed and lost out on funding, while others are frustrated. Such subjects include an English module, which did not have a lecturer for three years now.

The situation is so dire that it forced students to change certain subjects to the distance mode, while they were registered to study on a full-time basis.  The Unam Ogongo campus in the Omusati region exclusively offers agricultural science courses. 

The SRC vice president for the campus, Vekaama Kauesa, confirmed the issue, reiterating that there are indeed a number of modules with no lecturers. He added that the institution has now resorted to using lecturers from other campuses, and changing the mode of studies to distance.

 “After registration this year, we enquired about the matter, and were told they will make an arrangement for students to get a lecturer. But I am not sure if the matter has been resolved,” he stated.

A student who asked for anonymity said she has failed her first year of studies, and consequently lost her study loan with the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) because of the difficulties they are facing.

“The loan could not pay for my failed modules, so I was forced to fund my studies,” she lamented.







The student, who is currently in her second year, said they have registered for the 2022 academic year in February, but are yet to sit in class for the Basic Mathematics module.

Examinations are approaching, and she fears that she might fail again as they have missed out on crucial lessons.

“We were told that we will be taught online by a lecturer from Katima Mulilo, but he only taught us once,” said the distressed student.

The student further complained that three months since the commencement of classes, they have yet to write a single test, which is vital for their continuous assessments.

“Modules are costly, and we can’t afford to fail. We, therefore, are urging management to urgently look into this,” she continued.

Regarding the lecturer for Basic Mathematics, Kauesa said provisions were made for students to attend classes virtually. 

Approached for a comment, Unam spokesperson John Haufiku confirmed that some students have been without lecturers because of some changes within the university’s departments.

He, however, said online and some face-to-face classes for some modules have commenced, but he was yet to confirm with the students themselves.

“I was informed that students have so far written a test for Basic Mathematics, and things have gone back to normal. But I cannot just give you that as an answer because it is one-sided. I am waiting for a report from the SRCs to confirm if students have really started classes,” he added.


Caption: (UNAM) No lecturer… The Unam Ogongo campus is reported to have a lack of lecturers.

Photo: Contributed

2022-04-27  Aletta Shikololo

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