• September 26th, 2020

Lengthy wait for murder accused

A group of men who stand accused of having robbed and killed a man in a Windhoek suburb nearly three years ago will have to wait for eight months to stand trial.
Kleopas Malima (24), his brother Nande Malima (23), and their friends Kenibirth Ashipala (25) and Robert Shikongo (25) were informed they would take the stand for their trial on 15 April 2020.

The scheduled date for the trial hearing to begin as per agreement between the prosecution and the accused’s defence team was made when the accused made an appearance in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday.  The group is expected to take the stand on a count of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and defeating the course of justice.  The prosecution is alleging that all charges emanate from the death of Alex Maluli Mushe on 6 April 2017 in Dorado Park, Windhoek. The prosecution alleges the group intentionally killed Mushe by stabbing him with a knife.  The prosecution further claims the charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances derives from the fact that the group stole the victim’s bag and were in possession of a dangerous weapon that was later used in the killing of the victim.

The prosecution claims that having forced Mushe into submission, the accused stole his bag and ran off. 
Mushe allegedly died from excessive bleeding due to the stab wounds said to have been inflicted by Kleopas and his co-accused.
The accused have since denied any wrongdoing apart from Kleopas who confessed to the killing during his court appearance in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in 2017. Court records indicate that Kleopas admitted he stabbed Mushe because he had hit him with a stone.
During the bail hearing of Nande and Shikongo, Nande testified he saw his elder brother Kleopas fighting with the victim. 
It was his testimony that Kleopas stabbed the victim. He further went on to testify that he and his co-accused were merely witnesses at the scene of the crime on the date in question.

Kleopas, Nande and Ashipala are currently on bail, while Shikongo is still in police custody. Magistrate Justine Asino was presiding, with state prosecutor Oscar Sinvula prosecuting for the State.
Local lawyers Samson Enkali and Flora Gaes were representing the accused. - mamakali@nepc.com.na

Maria Amakali
2020-09-02 09:13:31 | 24 days ago

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