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Let the healing begin

2020-07-27  Staff Reporter

Let the healing begin
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The previous writing was about resistance to change and how it may turn out to bring anything we may have not wished for, directly or indirectly. It also looked at how standing in the way can even lead to self-destruction.
Like a close friend once said: You cannot take a Panado for a headache that you got from standing in the sun for too long while you are still standing in the sun and expect the headache to go away permanently. Because this way, you are only dealing with the symptoms and not addressing the root of the problem.  

 The best and lasting solution is to step out of the sunshine. Since sunshine is a basic human need, in future one may need that exposure in moderation. This can translate into another subliminal way of resisting facing the real problem head-on, be it intentionally or out of mere ignorance.
The same can be said about healing. That in resistance one does not only become an enemy of their own progress. It may in fact even be worse. It may be the loss of an opportunity to start the healing process.

Healing may be resisted because it is not easy. It may not be well received because it shakes the walls of the illusion of comfort and may bring unbearable pain from unhealed wounds. The wounds that may be bandaged with ointment to simply soothe the pain of the thorn in the flesh but not to get rid of it altogether because, even if that may bring quick healing, the process of doing so may be unbearably painful.
So much is being said about what the priorities are. Everyone is talking about what the next big thing is, be it in technological development or financial aspect but no one talks about one thing that is long overdue: Healing.

There is no doubt that every human being, in one way or another has had some traumatic experience. Sometimes it may have not been a significant emotional event but a collection of small happenings, which culminated into this thick negative energy. Sometimes it was unintended because it came about through trial and error. Be it in the nursing environment or parenting or an environment one may have grown up in.
One may not easily realise this about themselves though, especially when there is no awareness, self-introspection, or self-inquiry. Self-inquiry into one’s motives and habitual behaviours and how that translates, for example, into one’s emotional health but it is upon self-inquiry, introspection and self-awareness that one may have an accidental epiphany. An epiphany that what may have been accepted as normal and natural inclination may be completely the opposite of what is supposed to be, that if things were different, the life experience and perspective would also be different.

The healing can only happen when there is acceptance. When there is an acceptance that healing may mean the undoing of what one has become accustomed to. It may mean the loss of pride, ego and the façade of the self-created self.
Healing may mean accepting that the healing may bring pain, discomfort and sometimes backlash or retribution. Maybe healing is not for the fainthearted and snowflakes after all. As much as it may be needed, not everyone may be ready to embrace it but that does not take one bit away from it that as a nation and as a people, we all need healing – the healing of our troubled spirit. We all must heal or be ready to embrace the repetition of same self-imposed physical, emotional and psychological atrocities.

By Karlos The Great
OSHIMWENYO is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2020-07-27  Staff Reporter

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