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Letter - Africa is home

2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

Letter - Africa is home
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Alvenus F. Dreyer

Africa was, is and will continue to be the continent of the origin of humanity, civilization, innovation and faith. There was never, there never is and never-ever shall there be a habitation like Africa, a place we call home. 

For centuries they came in the name of trade, missionaries, adventurers, and democracy enablers, etcetera, etcetera just to steal and rob from the Motherland. The only worry the so-called super and emerging powers of the world is sitting with now is that they can no longer continue to plunder and steal Africa’s resources like they used to. 

Africa’s destiny was already cemented by its Creator long before the European and American came to tell their “little white lies” and impose their fake beliefs and traditions on the natives. Fortunately for the current and future generations, western (foreign) influence will be very limited and these generations will continue to set Africa’s agenda. An agenda which will continue to be set on African soil, with African terms and conditions spearheaded by African minds as was pioneered by the forefathers. 

The socialism dream as was supported by many of the continent’s freedom fighter, although along the way it was influenced by the cruel capitalist system, still continues to feature on Africa’s agenda. Democracy, good governance and the rule of law will continue to be nurtured and maintained by Africans on this continent we call Africa. Indeed Africa is home.

2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

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