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Letter - Handicapped Rundu council pathetically contracts RedForce

2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

Letter - Handicapped Rundu council pathetically contracts RedForce
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Blame not RedForce, but Rundu Town Council (RTC). RedForce Debt Management is a legally registered business entity which makes money by helping those who refuse to reason and failed to devise workable ways of collecting debts due to them. 

It is no longer a secret that whenever one speaks about RTC, an unpleasant description is added to it. Questioning why such happens is at this time an outdated question because, and unfortunately, that is what it has become. In quest of demystifying what RTC has done wrong, how they could do it better and what the residents of Rundu must demand, the citing of Acts and laws regulating the operations of Rundu Town Council need to be put aside and let humanity take centre stage for the sake of a common understanding because we are human beings before anything else. 

Rundu Town Council, either the previous if ever existed or the current has failed the residents of the stagnant town of Rundu. The council, without any logical consideration of human dignity, decided to enter into an agreement with RedForce Debt Management in order to recover revenues owed to them, the ever failing council of Rundu. The fact that Rundu Town Council failed and continues to fail to improve its residents’ basic services over the years, contracting RedForce Debt Management that during their collection of debts leaves residents with so many unanswered questions is just another registered failure.

 Rundu Town Council failed to engage the residents who have been patient with every council that came and left without delivering its mandate to them (the residents). Upon realising that some residents lost loyalty in settling their dues, the least they as a council could do was to carry out a survey aimed at informing them on why the residents are not paying their dues. 

Again, if all the council members who once sat and are sitting in the ever dilapidating buildings of Rundu Town Council could be honest with themselves and to their residents for once, this survey could not even be necessitated because the council knows exactly what and why the people decided not to settle their dues. Therefore, contracting a third party to help in doing so is nothing but shameless of the Rundu Town Council. 

If those carelessly thought that contacting RedForce Debt Management was or is the only viable solution to the recovery of the council’s dues, then there is a very serious need for the current council to sit and stand for and do what is right for the people who voted for them and for whom they vowed to work. 

Is it therefore fair and human enough to the residents who by virtue of power vested in us, we were supposed to serve with diligence and dignity, for us to contract a third party which in this case is the RedForce Debt Management to collect debts on our behalf as if we are a disabled council, which if we could do our work as expected then this could never come to exist? Is it logical? Surely it is not! We’d better provide quality services to our residents first, before we forcefully demand  payment of the same. 

It is in light of the above questions that the residents of Rundu should see the need to hold the Rundu Town Council accountable when they fail to provide basic services after being elected and they took oath for.

 It is appropriate to say that the residents of Rundu must boycott the thoughtless agreement entered between Rundu Town Council and RedForce Debt Management. Hence, the Rundu Town Council must pay for the agreed amount of money – surely this cannot be paid by the neglected and defenceless residents of Rundu. Why should the residents be disturbed by the actions of those who, for a very long time neglected and denied them of the services they deserve? 

The very same people who contracted RedForce Debt Management have vowed to improve the livelihoods of the residents. Should it be taken that the only time voted leaders go to their people is during election time, the time when votes are seriously needed? Our leaders cannot continue to laze around in offices that are responsible for the well-being of the residents, not anymore. 

2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

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