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Letter - Lack of parental care leads children to closed-hole

2021-09-24  Staff Reporter

Letter - Lack of parental care leads children to closed-hole
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Most of the schoolgoing learners are lacking parental care in both urban and rural homes. 

Lack of parental care among children often results in kids being unhappy, angry and even resentful to those around them. 

Those children will find it difficult to make friends and usually trying to seek attention from second parents (teachers) at school. 

Some of the schoolgoing children are being abused by their caretakers or parents, and they are often neglected at home. 

More children who are lacking parental care will result in lacking self-control, and they will not have social skills, such as empathy, patience and generosity, which are important for making friends. 

They will not know what appropriate behaviour is.

The lack of parental care is caused by different factors, including household poverty, violence, abuse and negligence in the house, a lack of access to good quality education, alcohol and drugs abuse as well as health care to parents.  

This may result in some of the schoolgoing learners attending school with skinny trousers because parents are not observing those behaviours, especially in the case of boys. 

Girls leave home because they are scared of their parents’ arguments, while some are trying to cut their uniform skirts short. 

During winter, some learners are unable to protect themselves from the cold. They come to school without school jerseys. 

Some children attend classes without any notebooks or school shoes. Some are dosing in the lessons, complaining there is no food in the house. 

Some of these learners have chronic absenteeism. They can either be absent for three days a week or even two consecutive weeks without any valid reason and communication from parents.

Furthermore, lack of parental guidance and involvement in education affects children’s decision-making capabilities and self-identity. 

They will not be able to make decisions on their own. 

It is very discouraging when teachers are working hard to prepare learners for exams or give some activities but learners are not taking it seriously. Therefore, this kind of behaviour needs to be addressed. 

Some of the grade 11 and AS Level are expected to write the national examination but they are still roaming around and absent without valid reasons. At the end of the year, the future of these learners will be jeopardised.

In a nutshell, most of the children become fearful of being unable to attain success, caused by a lack of guidance and parental care.

 Parents and guardians need to address this problem by taking the necessary actions for the sake of all our children. 

Teachers at school should talk to the learners for them to understand the quality of education and avoid negative behaviour. 

If the above action plan would be adhered to, then the learners may be able to take education seriously. 

2021-09-24  Staff Reporter

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