• August 8th, 2020

Letter - Today’s saddest untold truth

The world has become our own enemy and we’ve turned against it. We don’t appreciate what comes with it anymore, but instead we celebrate when it’s crumbling down yet we’re crying out for help not realising how our actions bring out our consequences. We were one, but now everyone is fighting their own battles being shamed and mostly killing one another with our tongues. We do not respect our leaders or our elders anymore – it is like we are all of the same age. Colour has become our anthem to hurt the nation and racism is growing and we seem not to care at all.
We exercise our rights without considering our thoughts, rushing into things that won’t even benefit us. We have become our own killers and the destroyers of everything that we ever dreamt of. What more do we want? What more do we need? For how long are we going to be this ignorant? Are we even in a state of making any decisions?  Are we wide-awake enough to stand up for what we have? Are we wide-awake enough to learn one/two more things from ourselves? Are we who we really say we are or maybe were; are we one of those nations that always wants to be sentenced for a certain period of time just to get it in our heads that our actions are the ones killing and sinking our 
dreams? What happened to the nation that stood together as one? The one that supported one another in terms of our differences? What happened to the nation that promised to be affectionate for all in terms of everything? The one that learned to listen to its elders and correct them in a mannerly way? The one that the future generation is eager to learn from? One which will be a copy of the other; one that does not pass on shame to the generation to come, one that knows how to communicate and set out the message clearly without doing any harm? It seems like we’ve lost that last species and even if we try replanting it will not bring it back to life, it wouldn’t even live for a day, because the world is full of heartless souls who are after power, money, fame, richness, you name them all. That only matters to them now. Nobody is anyone’s enemy simply because we’re our own enemies and that’s holding us back and blocking our ways for us to be in harmony again. 

The tendency of not listening to one another – that is not increasing our growth of all that we all want to build. The tendency of I can do this also, I’m better than the others, is the one killing opportunities that are opened up for us but one should only want what’s good for them instead of collaborative working against others who could teach others what they never knew and have their back whenever needed.  
No one is self-sufficient, we don’t own everything that we want in life, but if we work together then all that we want to own will be presented before us and we shall overcome the challenges and hardships that life has to offer. ‘Better late than never – let us put our differences aside for what’s 

Staff Reporter
2020-07-03 10:25:06 | 1 months ago

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