• July 12th, 2020

Letters - An open letter to the Damara King's Council

It is with so much sadness and regrets that I have to observe the continued silence of the DKC on the deliberate omission of the Damaran from the Genocide Talks. There is historical evidence our ancestors died in their thousands. Some accounts and population census carried out post Genocide even indicate Damaran lost more lives than the Nama to whom an extermination order was issued. Now with such historical backing, why then do you chose to keep silent on such a very serious emotional and critical issue tied to the economic disparity Damaran today experience? Very recently even the Kavango raised their voice on the genocide issue and yet you chose to be silent. Does the killing of our own people at the hands of Germans count for nothing? Your continued silence serves as an injustice to the descendants of those that perished at the hands of the Germans. With your silence you are teaching us to be silent on issues affecting us, you are teaching us to be silent on social and economic injustice, you are teaching us to be silent on political injustice, you are teaching us to be silent on the continued distortion of #Nukhoe history and worst of all, you are giving power to everyone to do as they please because we simply don’t have a voice that speaks for us. It is high time that you do right by your people and takes the lead in issues affecting Damaran. Remember you will be remembered by the things you do and not on the things you wished to do. I remain a proud 

Staff Reporter
2020-06-26 09:51:32 | 16 days ago

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