• August 3rd, 2020

Letters - The avalanche of change to the human resources industry

Today with gig economy, so much have changed in career-graded opportunities. Human resources is considered to be the umbrella of all other aspects in people management and shaping the organisations policies and developments. The geography in human resources have changed with the merger of artificial intelligence, is with these sentiments that human resources leaders or bosses needs to rethink policy developments. Human resources leaders’ needs to understand the high level of diversity contained in the economy with the understanding of the ageing population and the revolution of millenniums. 

The human resources areas is teamed to be an internal daily front-page in driving the transformational forces to meet the demands of the organisation. This incorporates intellectual muscles to maintain discipline in the workplace and shape the future of work and organisational harmony. At the moment, human resources and business leaders have been phasing out some of the job tiles dues to the international commercial intelligence and developments. Human Resources in many companies is considered to be the most important aspect to drive its need.

In gig economy, it is essential for human resources leaders to ensure that employees are well equipped with the change and developments in all spectrums of the economy. Human resources leaders together with the executives should drive the upskilling of employees with new skills and knowledge. Keeping up with the international and national markets should be a concern for any human resources leader.
Data driven human resources management is a new skill that a graduate needs to learn as they enter competitive markets. Many of the international companies are more focus on making their decisions based on the data withdrawn and analysed and set strategic human resources standards. Human resources and Internal business leaders claims to create a value chain and appreciate all professional.

Redefining the human resources management in academic should suit all industries as business evolves around data driven with a greater impact on people development to enrich the business processes. However, human relations, labour relations and personnel management still remains with challenging gray areas of human resources management which needs a cloud of understanding human behaviours.
Human resources leaders and business executives have been single out to understand the business management, likewise, the geography of its management to tackle any performance related area in terms of the employees, particularly organisations that are bound to make profits and achieve success. This ought to have substance in the transformational sources of human resources management considering the evolutions which comes with technology.

In this decade, the human resources leaders and bosses are bound to have the abilities to transform organisational cultures that create an impeccable work environment for the organisations to thrive on. In the same way, this should create an eventful and fruitful organisational tangible insights as human capital feeds on the changed and organisational development.
To maintain the status quo, human resources leaders and bosses or practitioners needs to understand the human resources principled fundamentals as well as the business ethics and leadership in this era. This can allow creativity that evolves on best practices.

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2020-05-22 10:25:38 | 2 months ago

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